Ten Different Websites You Can Create With WordPress

WordPress is getting more popular day by day and more people are choosing it for creating a website for their business. People often ask why they must use WordPress or how they can use WordPress. But they often forget to ask the type of website they can create with WordPress.

Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Below are the top 10 types of niches or websites that can be created using WordPress. Continue to read to learn more.

  • Blog or Magazine website

WordPress originally started as a simple blogging platform. In the last 12 years, it became more sophisticated, polished and excellent. Slowly it turned into a powerful CMS. But it is still preferred as the strongest platform to create a blog site or an online magazine.

  • Business website

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to create a powerful professional looking business website. There are numerous responsive business WordPress themes available that you can use to fulfill your business requirements. The best part is it is easy to access, and you can extend it as your business grows.

  • Job board or online directories site

WordPress provides easy tools and plugins to quickly launch a website. If you are planning to create an online job board, then WordPress would be the best option available for you. WordPress also enables its users to create online directories just like an online job board. You can create business directories or also a completed web directories for your audience.

  • Ecommerce website

In this digital era, online shopping has become very common yet easy and quick. If you are thinking to convert your business into an online marketplace, then you can consider WordPress for creating your e-commerce website. Users are given limitless WordPress e-commerce templates as options. You also get awesome plugins to convert your WordPress website into a complete e-commerce platform from where you can accept payments, shipping taxes, manage inventory, customers and much more.

  • Portfolio or Photography website

If you are someone who loves to showcase your work online, then you must create a portfolio website for yourself. WordPress provides stunning image galleries and user friendliness making it simpler for your audience to browse and check your work. You can also add albums, captions, titles, slideshows, etc. to make it more appealing.

  • NonProfit or Religious Website

WordPress also provides free themes that are as good as compared to premium ones. Hence it is a great platform for those who are planning to start an NGO or a religious website.

  • Coupon website

WordPress also proves to be a great platform for those who want to earn affiliate commissions from several websites offering special discounts and coupons. Via WordPress, managing, adding and expiring coupons are very easy. Your customers can also vote and rate for the coupons or products they like.

  • Miscellaneous websites

WordPress can be used to create several miscellaneous sites like an auction website or a multilingual website or a podcasting website or a wiki websites. With so many amazing features provided by it, creating websites is a very quick and simple task to do.

  • Sports or education website

WordPress powers hundreds of thousands of sports’ and education website around the world. It is easy to manage and absolutely safe and secure.

  • Health or Medicare website

WordPress is a great platform for creating a health website. If you are a doctor a health blogger, you must create a website using WordPress. It is easy to create, easy to use and easy to manage as well.