There is a WordPress plugin available for your every kind of need. And one of the unique needs people have is that of a calculator.

There are various kinds of calculators in use these days. Some of the popular ones include:

And if you start designing them all by yourself every time, you would waste a lot of your precious time. So why not switch to an easy job – Use WordPress plugin. There exist numerous plugins that can create any kind of calculator that you need. So let’s look at some of the best calculator plugins that we have.

Measurement Price Calculator

While most of the ecommerce platforms deal in quantity of products sold, some do not operate like this. There are many products such as tiles, wallpaper, etc. that needs room or floor measurements. In such a kind of business, this measurement price calculator comes handy.

This plugin allows a WordPress website to take in the requirements of the given area, and then accordingly sell products in quantities. Don’t you think this is a much better and reliable option for consumers rather than allowing them to themselves decide the unit?

Repayment Calculator and Loan Application Form

This plugin is best when you are dealing with loans, payments and savings. It can calculate:

  • Fixed Fee Payments,
  • Payday Loans,
  • Regular Payments
  • Savings, etc.

Basically any amount that is variable and comes with a term length can be calculated using this plugin. Repayment Calculator is widely used in banking services and financial institutions. So if you have a website that deals in any of these kind, then definitely give this plugin a try.

CC BMI Calculator

A lot of websites have come up that deal in health and fitness. And this CC BMI Calculator plugin is best for those websites. It calculates the Body Mass Index of a person, by entering their height and weight measurements.

Using this calculator, you can motivate people to come to your website and improve their BMI measure.