Popular Methods to install a WordPress Theme

For Absolute Beginners Who are coming from Blogger/Tumblr to WordPress might face difficulty in installing a theme. Truly Speaking, I Faced Difficulty too, when I was a Beginner. But, no worries. This article will tell you 3 Common techniques used to install a theme on a Self Hosted WordPress.org blog. (more…)

How to Change the No. of Posts on HomePage in WordPress

Generally, this doesn’t matter Much. But, with theme using a Grid layout for home and archive page its important to have the right no. of posts on the homepage so that everything fits in nicely. For Example  our Themes Sixteen and InkNess use a Grid Layout. So, users want to fill the Grid Completely, i.e. each […]

Using and Setting Featured Images in WordPress

Featured Images is a WordPress feature which has been here for quite some time now. This feature is very essential for both, theme developers and users. This eliminates the need of using an external plugin for the purpose of cropping and resizing images. Thus, reducing a lot of load on the server on which the […]

Set a Static Page as Front Page and a Blog

WordPress is not only a Blogging Platform. Although, originally created for the the purpose of blogging, it has now evolved into  a full fledged CMS. You can possible create any kind of website with it. One of the major things, which separate the website from a blog is the blog itself. To make a site […]