These days, a lot of marketers are using user generated content to promote their websites. So why should the siding contractors stay behind? This way, they have a great chance of standing out from their competition and attract some good number of visitors to their website.

For getting such content, many siding contractors in Connecticut are running contests in large numbers today. Even you can consider running a contest to get some entries from the people and use that on your website.

But the question comes how to promote that contest? Making a contest is not much of a difficult task. You just have to follow few steps to take care of your contest. Those are:

  • Purpose of running a contest, and
  • Contest parameters

With the help of above 2 steps, you can formulate a great contest for your website promotion. Now comes the sharing part. Unless you make your contest reach out to a wider audience, the purpose would not be served. Here are few ways on how you can promote your contest to the desired target audience.


Send an email to your current subscribers making them aware of the contest. Let them know what would be the prize of winning the contest and urge them to send the entries and win the prize. To increase the chances of email success, make a catchy subject line, such as “Your chance to win an IPhone X”.


Forums are another way to reach out to a wider audience with your contests. This is also a great platform to generate the much needed hype. The referral traffic generated from here can be highly beneficial for your growth. You will also face a good success rate through these forums.

Social Media

Nothing is a better way of promotion than the social media itself. There are so many platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that would help you connect with your target audience. Use paid promotions to make people aware of the contest.

And the best part about the contests is that they are self sharing. People share and retweet these contests in large numbers that you don’t have to worry about their reach through social media.

Banner Ads

You can create banner ads on your own website, which would drive people to the contest page. Although the click through rate of these banners is low, but it is still worth giving a try since this is a free method.