If you are not passionate about writing, the chances are that essay writing is a thankless chore for you. Of course, writing an essay requires not only considerable command over the language but also dollops of creativity. Although you can learn creative writing, it takes time to master it.

Good news is you don’t have to wrack your brains in writing essays now, there are essay writing services you can avail. These services have expert writers on its panel who only need the title or the subject of the essay to churn out outstanding pieces.

With numerous essay writing services available, the problem is to find the right one that is suitable for your purpose. There are many online essay writing services, such as FreshEssays, that deliver quality papers for students of high school, college, university, and even Ph.D.

Selecting the right essay writing service

It is important to find the right essay writing service that not only delivers well-written pieces but also delivers them in time. Here is what you should look for in selecting it:

#1 Well-known service

Getting an essay written, costs money which may vary from service to service. It is natural to go in for a cheaper option. However, in essay writing context, cheaper certainly doesn’t mean better. Established essay writing services may not come cheap, but what you get in return for your money is a top-quality essay that is both credible and unique.

Going in for a cheap essay writing service poses the risk of plagiarism. Established essay writing services ensure that there is no plagiarized content in their essays. Client testimonials are a fair indicator of the service being trustworthy. You can select a reliable essay writing service by reading customer reviews. The comments provided by users indicate whether the writers offered by the service are suitable for your purpose.

#2 Writing expertise

When you approach an essay writing service for an essay, it will assign a writer for you. However, there is no guarantee that the writer is an expert in your subject, despite the essay writing service being a well-known one. So, it is important to vet the writer and select one, who is an expert in your field.

Cheap essay writing services usually don’t let on who the writer is. So, steer clear of them. Reputable services will always offer professional writers well versed in your field of study. What’s more, such services will not saddle you with their choice of writer but will provide you with a list of writers along with their level of expertise.

Double-check the writers claiming to have done an MA or Ph.D. A good essay writing service will provide you with proof that the writer has a degree related to your field of study.

Another matter of concern is the hands-on experience possessed by writers. They may be well qualified in your field of study. However, if they have not done anything in years related to your subject, they will never be in a position to deliver what you desire. Best bet is the teachers who have taught the subjects pertaining to your field in a college or university.

Another important aspect is the writing style of the writer. It should not differ so widely from your style of writing to get you in a situation with your teacher. So, ask for writing samples, not only to judge the writing style of the writer but also to gauge his or her academic knowledge and experience.

#3 Customer support

The mark of a trustworthy essay writing service is its customer support. The support team must answer your queries about writing at any time of the day. The support team should be able to furnish information on things like the stage of completion of the essay, the exact time of its delivery, what is the process of revision of an already delivered essay, etc.


So, whenever you need a reliable essay writing service, look for quality, price, and customer support it offers. Also, select the writer wisely based on the qualifications that meet your requirements and ensure that his or her writing style matches yours.