It is a surprise that nine out of ten New Zealanders invest. But it is a good thing. Retirement is hard. In the later years, everyone wants to rest and relax. Working isn’t an option. When people think about retirement in later years it becomes troublesome because they won’t have any means of income. New Zealanders have found a way out of this dilemma. They invest and it is a great option as a safety net for later years.

Popular Investments

In a survey by The FMA and Colmar Brunton of 1000 New Zealanders, 899 had one or another kind of investment. 67% of the people invested in Kiwisaver, making it the most popular kind of investment. Followed by Life insurance, in which 37% of the people invest.

Investment at a New Zealand casino is also a popular method that most of the New Zealanders have now started choosing. It is a risk and people are smart enough to take calculated risks. In the survey 45.4% of the people l had more than one investment. It is always wise to have more than one set of investments and income. It helps to manage theĀ  risk and return no matter the economic circumstances.

Importance of Investment Advisers

The survey also hinted at another important fact. It proved that investment advisers are important. According to FMA, People prefer having someone advise them about the investment. The reasons are clear, it is appropriate to have someone with the domain knowledge to guide you with the investment. It is also an efficient way compared to doing it yourself.

Many people in New Zealand may invest but few of them take advisers. It is however vital to do so, given the variety of options in the market. Choosing an investment adviser is as crucial as choosing the right fund to invest in.