EGo vape batteries are among the oldest types of vaping products on the market. These batteries have been in constant production since they were first introduced more than a decade ago, and you’re still likely to find them at many gas stations, convenience stores and other types of retailers today. It’s even possible that you’ve tried e-liquid vaping in the past and still own an eGo battery from those days. Today, though, people aren’t using things like cartomizer tanks anymore. Nowadays, 510 cartridges are the vape products of choice – but eGo batteries are still around.

Considering the ubiquity of 510 vape cartridges and eGo batteries, is it possible for those two products to work together? The answer to that question is “yes” – usually. In this article, we’ll explain everything that you need to know.

You’ll Have the Best Experience with a Battery Designed for the Job

Before you use your existing eGo battery with a 510 cartridge or buy an eGo battery to use it with cartridges, it’s important to understand that you’ll have a much better experience with a battery designed for the job. Rokin Vapes is a prominent manufacturer of 510-thread batteries, and many of their devices don’t cost more than an eGo battery would. Check them out if you’re having trouble choosing the device that’s right for you.

Why will a 510-thread battery give you a better experience with 510 vape cartridges than an eGo battery? Here are the three biggest reasons.

  • It’ll have a modern spring-loaded 510 thread for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of vape cartridges from many different brands. For reasons we’ll explain shortly, certain vape cartridges may not work with eGo batteries even though the threads fit.
  • It’ll have more consistent power delivery from the beginning to the end of the battery’s charge, meaning that you’ll enjoy bigger and more satisfying clouds. With many eGo batteries, on the other hand, the device’s vapor production will decrease as the battery’s charge level decreases.
  • It may have modern features – geared specifically for improving your experience with vape cartridges – that an eGo battery lacks. Some of the features that you may find in a 510-thread battery include adjustable voltage and automatic pre-heating to prevent cartridges from clogging.

If a 510 Cartridge Fits on an eGo Battery, It Should Work

If you have a 510 cartridge and an eGo battery, the first thing you want to know is whether the cartridge fits the battery’s threading. In most cases, the threading on an eGo battery is compatible with any 510-threaded attachment – and if the cartridge fits the battery, it should work. In a few cases, you may experience an issue where a cartridge doesn’t work with a battery because the center pin at the bottom of the cartridge doesn’t touch the contact point in the battery’s threading. You may be able to resolve this issue by grasping the cartridge’s pin with needle-nose pliers and pulling it out gently

The reason why this issue occasionally happens is because eGo batteries usually don’t have spring-loaded center pins. In a 510-thread battery that’s designed to work with vape cartridges, the spring causes the pin to push upward, so it touches the bottom of the cartridge automatically.

Some eGo Batteries Are Appropriate for Vape Carts, but Others Aren’t

After confirming that a vape cartridge fits on an eGo battery, the next thing you need to know is the battery’s voltage. A standard eGo vape battery is regulated to operate at a constant power level, which will be 3.3-3.4 volts in most cases. With most vape cartridges, that’s an appropriate power level. You can generally expect nice clouds and no burnt flavors with most cartridges at 3.3-3.4 volts. Problems can occur, though, if you use a vape cartridge with an eGo battery that’s a third-party clone. The original eGo battery was made by the Chinese brand Joyetech, but many other companies since then have cloned the design. Some of those clones may operate at higher voltages, and in this case, you’re going to experience burnt flavors with some cartridges. 

If you try a vape cartridge with an eGo battery and get a burnt flavor, it might be possible to fix the problem because some eGo batteries have adjustable power. If the battery has a dial on the bottom, you can twist it to raise or lower the voltage. If it doesn’t have a dial, try pressing the fire button two or three times quickly. If the indicator light inside the fire button changes color, you have an eGo battery with adjustable voltage. Try the different colors to see which one doesn’t produce a burnt flavor.

If a 510 Cartridge Doesn’t Work with an eGo Battery, the Battery May Be Too Old

The last thing you need to understand about using an eGo battery with a 510 cartridge is that in some cases, you might not be able to get the cartridge to work because the battery is simply too old. We’re not talking about the battery itself – we’re actually talking about the battery’s specifications. 

The eGo vape platform has been in consistent production since the early 2010s, and it’s had several updates along the way. Those updates added new features, and they also ensured compatibility with new tanks and cartridges as atomizer coil resistances trended downwards. The coil resistances in today’s vape cartridges are a little higher than the sub-ohm resistances of modern tanks, but they’re still a bit low compared to the tanks and cartridges that people typically used when the first eGo battery was released more than a decade ago. 

If you connect a vape cartridge to an eGo battery and find that the cartridge doesn’t work, look at the battery’s light when you press the fire button. A slow blink indicates that the coil resistance of the cartridge is lower than what the battery can support. In this case, there’s no way to make the cartridge work with the battery because your battery is designed to support older attachments. To resolve the issue, you’ll need to use a different battery.