The phone is an important part and parcel of a person’s life. And we totally live in the world of technology. More than any other devices, mobile phones form the major part of our lifestyle, both personally and professionally due to the ample number of apps, increased power, and ease of use.

These apps we are going to talk about are not for pro ios developer who can jailbreak ios and do other hi-tech stuff. This is meant for webmasters running an iOS Website.

iOS has seen a lot of improvement over the last few years. I remember there was a time when Android users used to boast about having the ability to root phones and block ads in apps and websites. But iOS has evolved and there are some Adblock iPhone services which can do the same. These are the reasons more people are now on iOS including webmasters and website owners.

Now when the majority of businesses all over the world are running on WordPress, how will your phone help here? Let’s look at some of the apps for your iPhone that are going to make monitoring your WordPress websites more efficient.

WordPress app

This official application by Automattic is the best and free application for all your WordPress websites. Using this app, you can manage any number of sites you want. Check out the stats, likes, comments, posts, and various other things from your website. You also receive notifications based on any new activity.

Aceex rated this app 5/5 on their website. Aceex has also written a review about some more apps, which can be useful to developers and you can read them here.

This application takes care of both .com and .org users. Check out the app now if you haven’t done that already. You will notice various features that will help you stay updated with your site without having to login on your laptops every single time.


This application manages all your WordPress blogs, and lets you write posts directly on the website from your phone. This is a blogging platform that helps you set up your blog or write articles easily.

You can draft the articles from anywhere in the world, even when you do not have the internet connection. And with just 1 click, it gets published on your website. You can preview the article locally before publishing it. Using this app, you can manage the comments, schedule your posts for publishing, integrate the videos with YouTube, share articles on FB and Twitter, and much more.


This application comes handy when you need to use Social Media for any kind of promotion. This is the widely popular app that allows you post-on and manage various social media platforms.

Now you can schedule your posts or blogs for publishing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, and many more. You can also track the statistics of your links, and manage the social lists.

These apps work out of the box with ios 11.3.1 and all previous versions. So you can install them without worrying a bit.