There’s an interesting prediction that’s been made: 2035 will be the year we see the end of meat. If you’ve been thinking about going meat-less, you may as well start practicing your new diet within the next year or two! Here are five reasons for considering eating less meat:

You Can Improve Your Heart Health

We can’t blame you if you enjoy a nice burger or chicken dinner; it is pretty delicious. However, did you know that meat contains a high level of saturated fat? This can result in an increase in your blood’s cholesterol, which can make you more vulnerable to heart diseases. Vegetables, fruits, and whole-grains are beneficial in helping reduce that cholesterol. With a plant-based diet, your chances of having to use any of your health insurance coverage are considerably lower.

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You Can Help Prevent Cancer

Unfortunately, cancer may come to you or your loved ones for reasons that are unfair. But before you start checking over your insurance policy, consider this fact: a heavy diet of vegetables and fruits can bring a reduction to your risk of getting cancer. Research has shown that there is actually a bigger risk of cancer from consuming meats; now is a great time to switch those out for some greens.

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You Can Still Get Plenty of Protein

Beans, lentils, and whole grains…oh my. These are plant-based proteins that are not only super affordable but very flexible! There is an impressive list of meals you can make with these proteins in the center:

  • Black bean burgers (You can also try black bean tacos, black bean chili, or black bean wraps.)
  • Cauliflower wings (They’re a healthy alternative with that same familiar spice.)
  • BBQ Lentil Meatballs (A little switch up has never hurt anybody.)

If you’re interested in finding more plant-based protein recipes, you should definitely check out Well and Good. This online publication (based in New York) has done the delicious work of finding healthy meals to indulge in.

You Dodge Toxic Food Contaminants

There’s a reason why restaurants and health inspectors take their role as a food regulator seriously: checking for any harmful contaminants that may be lurking in meat is no easy task. It’s quite a few to watch out for: parasites, viruses, bacteria, herbicides, and unfortunately a few other frightening germs. While your typical regulator does a great job of keeping meat safe, there’s still a small chance of becoming sick and having to check in with your health insurance. If that risk is a bit too menacing for you, the safest thing to do is to eat less meat (or none at all).

You Will Save Money

Those expensive meat meals can often cost you a hefty bill. But this can also be avoided if you invest in Accendo Medicare supplement or similar medicare plans. One of the great things about eating less meat is that you get to save some major money. Research has shown that the average meat meal plan is $53.17; a vegetarian plan, on the other hand, is only $38.75. If you can afford to save some bills, that’s always a nice stress reliever. Less stress, better health!

You’ll have to be mindful of buying fresh fruits and vegetables (they can expire quickly), but food items such as beans, rice, and oats can often be bought in a large quantity for a low price. They have a long-lasting shelf life, so you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about your next grocery trip.