The minimalist style in the design of the apartment is distinguished by restraint in the colors of the interior and the absence of excessive elements of decor and furniture. Usually, in the minimalist style, two main cold colors dominate, sometimes white or gray colors dominate, against which some bright colors (yellow, green, blue) differ in small blotches. Furniture used in this style of interior is usually compact and follows a clear geometric shape. The direct opposite of minimalism is the elements of luxury and the redundancy of various furniture (armchairs, bedside tables, wardrobes) in the decor of the apartment.

The concept of minimalism in simplicity, compactness and functionality. NSD GROUP is a Kiev design renovation company that performs high-quality renovations in any style, as well as in the style of minimalism. If you are interested in the idea of ​​a minimalist renovation in your apartment, check out the options provided by the company:

Designer: NSDGroup

A perfect example of a minimalist apartment. The bedroom is dominated by cold, gray colors, which are harmoniously matched with purple armchairs that do not stand out from the tone. A detail not to be forgotten is the curtains that complement the cozy-elegant atmosphere of the bedroom. The characteristic minimalist round lamps compensate for the cold, gray colors and add coziness by filling the room with light. The shelves of the usual form, without patterns, emphasize the simplicity and brevity of the bedroom. The entire bedroom is furnished with small furniture and decorative elements, which, although they do not attract attention, nevertheless directly fulfill their function.

Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen, the appliances and drawers of which are built into the wall. This not only makes the kitchen compact, but also saves space, which makes it easier to do household chores. The chairs and the table are matched to the same color, which is also characteristic of minimalism.

Bright lighting is another characteristic feature. Therefore, along the entire length of the kitchen, there are large windows that brightly illuminate the entire room.

There is a wall in the corridor with a large number of shelves, but it is not worth laying them completely with things, this does not fit this aesthetics. For this, there is a cabinet built into the wall of the corridor, there is a mirror on the doors of the cabinet, for compactness.

If we cover the whole apartment as a whole, we will see that the interior is dominated by small decorative elements, cold tones.

In the following example, all aspects of minimalist design can be clearly traced. The philosophy of minimalism is to save space, which can be seen in this apartment.

The living room looks harmoniously with the kitchen. The room is dominated by white and pink colors, which automatically give the room tenderness and spaciousness. The floor and wardrobes are made of solid light wood, which complements the color scheme. As in the previous apartment, kitchen appliances built into the closet add modernity and save space.

It is typical for a minimalist style to decorate an apartment with vases of various shapes or vases with plants, but it is important that the vases fit into the color scheme. On the side of the room is a pillar that maintains the lightness of the room. In practical terms, the column functions like a mirror.

The bedroom is dominated by a cold, gray color, interspersed with turquoise in the picture and the photo frame. In this case, a few small details completely change the mood of the bedroom, diluting the gray color.

If you take a full look at the apartment, there are small, original lamps hung on the ceiling for maximum illumination, and the entire floor is made of wood. The combination of such minor details makes the room spacious, light and cozy at the same time.

A special feature of this apartment is a dressing room, decorated in the style of an apartment (light colors), it takes up little space, but is spacious enough to put all the necessary clothes and shoes there.

The minimalist design of this apartment will impress connoisseurs of light and shining. The apartment, decorated in exclusively white colors, fascinates at first sight.

Characterized by minimalism, the living room and kitchen are also combined in this design option. To give the interior a certain accent, bright yellow elements of decor and furniture are added to the dominant white color.

In addition to a splash of yellow to give the room a lively energy, there is a large flowerpot at the dining table.

The bedroom is decorated in light and beige colors. The effect of the back upholstery of the bed makes the room feel light and very cozy. Also, the effect is added by two small table lamps, which shine with a soft light with a yellow tint. The pillows and striped duvet give the bed a cloud-like look that makes you want to lie on.

What is typical of the minimalist style, the apartment has a small balcony glazed with panoramic windows, which is also decorated in white.

If you want to bring any of the design ideas to life, the NSD GROUP company will help you with high quality and professionalism.