Do you know what a fence does to your property? Among other things, it protects your privacy. It keeps your kids and pets safe. Also, a fence is an exterior design element that’s just as important to defining the look of your home as are paints, windows, and landscaping. When choosing a fence for your home, there are quite a number of options you can choose from. 

You can choose a horizontal or a vertical fence. To do this, you should know a few fence basics. A fence is usually composed of two or three different types of boards, depending on the orientation of the fence boards. They are:

  • ● Fence Post
  • ● Fence Stringer
  • ● Fence Board

What is a Horizontal Fence?

A horizontal fence is a property delimiter. It uses boards installed horizontally between poles that are set at longer distances between them. 

You still have your posts set with horizontal fencing although your wood boards are 1X3, 1X4, 1X6 width boards and are smooth surface where the vertical boards are usually rough cut. This makes them fuzzy and rough, so they can’t go through a planer.

Also, you can use other materials such as a corrugated metal for the fence, or vinyl. Most people use different types of wood for their fence structures. It is made of fence posts, as well as horizontally-oriented fence boards. It does not use stringers. To reduce the possibility of fence board sagging, posts are usually six feet from each other.

Unlike cedar fences, a horizontal fence is the de facto look for many houses and neighborhoods. These fences are considered to be clean, modern and up-to-date. As no stringer is required, less lumber is used. Where vertical fences’ weather-sensitive board ends face upward, horizontal fences board ends face sideways. This helps to slow cracking and deterioration.

Horizontal fence – Star Gate

Why You Need A Horizontal Fence

The reasons for which you need a horizontal fence are numerous. These reasons include: 

  • A more economical solution :  It is suitable for being used in front of a property. They are also suitable for delimiting the plot around the back and they require less material than vertical ones. Therefore they are more economical and, ultimately, cheaper as well.
  • Versatile horizontal wood fences Denver design options: The structure allows a free determination of the spaces between the slats. You can create a sleek and attractive fence that allows passers-by to peep in and to see what is going on around your house. That is if you choose wider spacing, anyway. But a denser configuration permits you to create a very attractive privacy fence.
  • Varied material choices – It is possible to build a horizontal fence from one material as well as from combinations. Wmsome of the most attractive solutions are wood slats and cement or metal posts or wood boards installed into strong metal frames. For instance, composite or PVC are also very popular and attractive.
  • Durability – They are more resistant and stronger. Therefore, they last longer than the traditional, vertical installations.

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