InkHive Q&ACategory: Theme SupportAny way to disable the google fonts?
Gale asked 7 years ago

I was trying out your kurama theme earlier and really liked it. However, my webhost’s servers seem to have a problem with google api, and my website slows down significantly because of that, so i was thinking maybe there’s a way to disable the google fonts and just use the default ones in wordpress?
Thank you in advance!

1 Answers
Rahul Sharma Staff answered 7 years ago


You host is probably fooling you if they say they have problem with Google API. The Google API is one of the best and fastest in the world. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually remove google fonts in the theme.
But whenever Google Fonts wont load, the theme will load backup fonts by default.

Please share your url, so that I can see what your site looks like with google fonts!