Summary – Setting up a website for your restaurant business is a very good idea. Given below are the top five tips to buy WordPress themes online for your restaurant business.


With Internet being a few touches or clicks away, it has been become necessary for the companies and ventures to have an online identity. A Restaurant Business is no exception. Nowadays, more and more restaurants and other eateries are starting to have their own websites and applications. WordPress has helped these restaurants setting up their online presence. Here, we are going to discuss the main things you ought to keep in mind while selecting/purchasing a WordPress Theme for your restaurant-

Menu page

A unique requirement of every restaurant business – the Menu Page. In fact, it is possibly the most important page of a restaurant’s website. Several website visitors make their decision on the basis of the presentation of the menu page.

The theme selected by you must have an in-built menu page which elegant and organised. It should also be capable of previewing the various cuisines mentioned on the page.

Location page

Most of the visitors who are looking at the location page have already decided to visit your restaurant.  Visitors on your location page are your customers to lose. So, it becomes imperative to have a neat and well briefed Location Page so it is easy for the customer to find you. Google Maps is a great tool that can be used to help locate your place on the map.

Built-in blog

This is a part where several restaurant owners go wrong. They do not have a blog. And the best part about WordPress themes is that they are essentially blogs. So, it is very easy to set-up and run a blog on your website.

Blogs help a lot in increasing the traffic to your website. Also, it is an excellent tool for search engine optimization and searche engine ranking improvement.

Slideshow on homepage

The Landing Page of your site is going to be the first impression the customer is going to have about you. So, it needs to be awesome. A Slideshow is the most preferred option as it is capable of presenting the information in an attractive way. Display the restaurant, the staff, the ambience and most importantly the cuisine.


As the saying goes – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, it is quite right for a restaurant theme. The theme needs to be image-centric with a lot of options to add images. Customers want to take a look at the atmosphere and ambience at your restaurant and they won’t find that with text.

Click some professional pictures of your cuisines and the restaurant. Be sure to take pictures of your restaurant when it is full of guests. Alternatively, you could fill the restaurant with willing participants who have signed an authorization giving you express permission to use their pictures in your marketing materials.

Remember, setting up your restaurant’s website, blogs, and pictures will be done once, and that would be final. So, next time while picking a WordPress theme, keep these key factors in mind.