2Online Streaming has now become one of the most Popular trends of the World. With Streaming Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime making the DVD Rental Business completely obsolete. More and More Businesses are trying to provide their digital videos through online streaming.

This is not all, increase in worldwide broadband and mobile data speeds, more and more internet users now prefer to watch videos online rather than downloading them first. The Future of Online streaming services is secure even while people still continue to download youtube videos through downloaders or websites.

Netflix has become a giant billion dollar business after it was launched in more countries last year. Now people worldwide comfortably enjoy Netflix and all its movies. Netflix has completely killed DVD Rental business. With VPNs for Netflix, people are using Netflix to access content which is blocked in their own countries as well, this also ensures end of piracy to some extent.

How can WordPress help with Online Streaming?

Why not directly upload videos on YouTube and promote your Channel? The problem with YouTube is that you can not promote your other content as well as you can do it with your own website. WordPress is nothing but a platform to help you create your own website.

Check out: cmovieshd which is a great example of Online streaming website.

People can see what all work you have done, contact you or even hire you for your services. Plus you can promote your content more efficiently than you could with YouTube.

Services to Use for Hosting Videos


Here is the recommended way to use YouTube to host your own Videos.

  • Upload the Video to YouTube
  • Unlist the Video so that only those with a link can see it.
  • Do not distribute the link to Anyone.
  • Embed the Video on your Website.

This was there won’t be any load on your servers, and you can stream your content through YouTube.

WordPress Videos

With WordPress Videos the Disadvantage is that, the videos are hosted on your server. And let’s say you upload a 500 MB Video, so if 1000 People watch that video in a day. You will end up paying bills for consumption of over 500 GB of Bandwidth, which is way too much.

Hence, uploading videos directly to your site is not recommended unless you have a strong budget.

JetPack Videos

If you have a paid Jetpack plan of $99 per year, then Jetpack allows you to host videos on their server. You get a space of around 200 GB to upload the videos and the videos will be unbranded. People won’t know you are hosting them somewhere else and would look Native to your site.

This is an excellent option for those with a small budget and looking to upload unbranded videos.

Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc

These Efficient YouTube Alternatives are just as good as YouTube, and if you has some speccific reason to not use YouTube, then you can go with any of these sites.

For Example, DailyMotion has much less strict content monitoring than YouTube and is the first chocie for many uploaders.


Using WordPress for Online Streaming is an excellent choice and lots of people are already doing it. So if you want to start doing it today, do not wait and build your first online streaming website.