More and more virtual traders have started creating websites that are ICO-ready. They believe that by doing so, they will be able to double their revenues. Making one may seem difficult, but with the right team, you will be able to create your own best cryptocurrency exchanges website.

So where do you start? Let us discuss the different important points in designing and creating an ICO website.

One: Make a Good Impression

When you make the design of the website, make sure that it looks professional and credible. ICO is a precarious business venture. Thus, it is important that you establish the rapport and trust with your audience.

You can hire professionals to help you design your website. This way, you will be able to create one with unique layout and graphics. Your designs should not be half-baked or low-quality as they will badly affect your online presence.

Important part of building an online presence also includes having a powerful social media following. While Facebook continues to die, Instagram is getting wildly popular. You can kickstart your online Instagram profile if you buy Instagram Followers and Likes from SMMPoint.

Two: Your Landing Page Should Be ICO-ready

Once you have decided the design of your website, the next thing that you should work on is the landing page. Most websites usually have a separate landing page for specific initiatives. When choosing the landing page, it should be relevant to your theme. There are no specific designs for this one, but there is a specific structure that you need to consider.

The structure should have the following:

  • The header should outline the project mission. Make sure to add photos to make them attractive to readers
  • There should be a counter which the start date and time of the sales. This landing page usually changes depending on the event on your website.
  • It should have a link to your social media applications such as your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Add a unique CTA section which can attract possible investors to participate in pre-sales.
  • A contributor’s page should include the company’s one-pagers, presentations, white papers, and other documents that will prove your credibility.
  • There should be a detailed overview of the project. The overview should be able to answer the common questions that are often asked by investors.
  • There should be a list of the current investors who are currently supporting the project.
  • There should be a list of the team members, the founders, and the board of directors. You can add images of these people. This will make your website look more credible.
  • Add a legal section for law-related issues.
  • Add relevant links or articles that can attract traffic to your website.

Three: Use Social Media Marketing Strategies

To increase your web traffic, you can use social media marketing strategies. You can link your website to your company’s social media sites. Many companies have been using this method to double their returns. Social media platforms have millions of active users, and they can easily spread your campaign in a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

A credible and trustworthy web creator can make an ICO website successful. It is important that you take this the above-mentioned points into consideration when you are making your website. By following these tips, it will be easier for you to increase your traffic and double your returns.