The ultimate goal of most people who decide to build a website is to earn money. And money comes from growth. And while most websites manage to grow successfully, very few of them are able to sustain or take it up a notch. Today, I am going to discuss with you about a tool which can help monitor your website’s Key Performance Indicators or KPI?

What is KPI?

In simple terms, any metric which can be counted and compared. So this metric can be different for different websites. This is very obvious. Because, apart from What Google Analytics reports, there is much more for a business to track its performance than just website visitors. KPI Provides you with the evidence of the degree to which you have achieved your objectives.

So lets learn a little bit more about KPI, and in the end I will suggest you a tool which will help you monitor your KPI.

KPI is based on your website or business objectives/goals. For dating websites likeĀ, the KPIs would be different as compared to technology websites. If a KPI exists and it is not based on an objective or a goal then it is absolutely useless.

Let me clear some confusions here as well. There may be many other metrics in the organisation that provide information, for example, cost metrics from profit-loss statement, but these are not KPIs. So its important that there is a clear distinction between KPI and Non-KPI metrics.

Getting Started with KPI

If you feel that at any time, your business is in need of a KPI tool – Try the KPI Software by Intrafocus. And here are some Salient Features of KPI Software.

Create and Manage Scoreboards

This tool is every Marketers Best Friend. Scoreboards help you in linking your Short term and long term Goals with Business Objectives, KPI & Initiatives.

Manage Finances Easily

KPI Dashboards can be created using any of the data you have added to the system. This also includes your business finances. Keep track of Profit, Loss, Tax, etc. Also the drag annd drop interface makes your life a lot easier.

Many other beneficial Features

KPI Software can do a lot more than just managing the KPI aspect of your business. Some other major features of this software include:

  • Multiple Scoreboards with as many metrics you want
  • Track Goals over time
  • This tool gives you a Clarity of Purpose – What you need and When you need it?
  • Spreadsheet style reports
  • Powerful Search Feature inbuilt
  • Useful And important Alert/Notifications
  • No Sofware Install needed.
  • Works right from your phone
  • Software Training also available

Its about time you head to Intrafocus and get your hands on their KPI Software.