The opportunities we are introduced to today, have created a new kind of perspective on starting a business. With so many new emerging markets, success stories, and swift technological advancement, people are only encouraged to establish a profitable creative outlet and are inclined to go on such a venture by themselves or with a partner, rather than build a career in an already existing establishment.

Starting a small business seems to have become easier than ever. With a focused mindset, motivation, and the help of software, the doors to a business world are open. Here are ten powerful tools to help you manage the load of back-office, admin, and marketing tasks:

Back-office tasks

1. Focused Collection

It’s been said not to judge a book by its cover. However, a picture sometimes describes what words can’t. Focused helps you choose imagery for your presentation, website, blog post, etc. that will complement the story you want to tell. Unlike usual stock photo websites, this one carefully selects the artists and pairs them with the right buyers. Back your words with compelling images.

2. Pcloud

Every business, and especially a small one, needs seamless file management. Dropbox might be a bit pricey if you want to have its best features. A free alternative to Dropbox is On top of 20GB of free cloud storage, it also offers, instant file syncing and sharing, real-time collaboration with colleagues on multiple devices, and multiple layers of protection against cyber-theft. File management made painless.

3. Integromat

When managing a business, daily task automation might turn out to be a blessing. Automating a few of time and effort consuming tasks can free up your day and let you focus on what really matters. With cloud workflow automation you can perform tasks across few different platforms for 24 hours a day without having to do anything.

4. Word Counter

To keep all your texts structured, of equal length, and keyword-optimized, you will need word counter. It is free, straightforward to use, and ready to show the most valuable statistics of your text. Also, there is no need to get frustrated with the limited space and characters for your social media posts as this tool will help you write the exact necessary amount of characters for all of them.   

Admin tasks

5. InvoiceNinja

Track working hours, create and send invoices, get paid – all on one platform. InvoiceNinja enables businessmen (and women) to earn more by saving their time spent on every day, exhausting administrative tasks. You can focus on acquiring new customers, rather than worry about outstanding payments, as invoice automation software will handle that.

6. Magic Password

WordPress security plugin is a solution that provides you with a passwordless authentication for WordPress. You can forget your password and your username. All you really need is a phone. To access WordPress, simply scan the Magic Code paired with your mobile app and log in securely. Protects you from brute-force attacks and keyloggers out there. No password – no problem.

6. LogicalDoc

Adminstration of any Business or Campaign is going to involve a lot of documents. You can make your life easier by using an efficient document management software. With LogicalDoc’s cloud features, you can work anywhere, anytime you want from any device.

Marketing & Sales

Modern Marketing & Sales is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Things have changed drastically. You just can not pass on your business cards to your clients and ask them to share it with their friends. You need the proper tools and channels to connect with your customers and acquire new ones.

8. Combin

Social media platforms are becoming more and more influential for any kind of business. Social media marketers are going out of their way to create campaigns, out of this world, to gain followers, and improve brand image. Get real Instagram followers with targeted people search and stop the never-ending, fruitless follower acquisition.

Image Source: Free Stock Photos

9. Omnisend

One of the most time-consuming aspects of a new business is marketing. On top of SEO, advertising, and content, there’s email marketing, needed to maintain communication between you and your customers. Ecommerce marketing automation tool, designed to help you turn website’s visitors into customers, will perform the most tedious tasks, so you don’t have to. It is easily integrated into any ecommerce platform, smartly modifiable, and can be highly personalized to fit your every customer.

10. Salesmate

Once you get the ball rolling in the right direction and obtain a steadily increasing flow of customers, you will want a software that will help you to manage all customer relations carefully. Salesmate is designed to eliminate the busy work and help your sales reps to handle client queries with ease and personalization. Useful integrated analytics tool will provide you with the insights needed to keep your business growing.