It has been reported that over the last several years, internet usage has been elevated to massive rates and digital and social media marketing has undergone a drastic shift, especially in our nation. It is apparent that businessmen are embracing the technology to involve their customers be it engaging them to buy their products or to influence their strategies or for the transaction purposes. Hence, it is quite discernible that digital marketing has brought about a major transformation due to escalated global connectivity and amplified use of social media. How could you not observe big market booms like Amazon, Flipkart, and other such online stores?

The world is changing now, everything is going digital. Even if you have Life coaching career, you could still put it online and get more clients. But for that you need a Digital Marketer.

Why should you go for Digital Marketing?

You must be already aware and convinced by the fact that digital marketing is the need of the current hour. So, with the interrogations and research related to career requirements and the marketing industry, we have come up with certain strong and supportive arguments as to why you should opt for a digital marketing job and what all advantages and profits you could get!!
Let’s begin!!
#1 Become a high demanding professional

Regardless of your business fields, Marketing will be the only ruler of the professional world. And websites like have proven that effortlessly. Nonetheless, development of a product should be a considered as an important aspect, but that would be of no use if you don’t have the capability to sell it to your customers! It is an indisputable fact that marketing and sales are the paramount fields whose value will only get up and up. Furthermore, politicians of our nation rely on digital marketing to maximize their outreach and propagate their parties. It is digital marketing that plays an important role behind the spectacular campaigns of sparkling sensations of the world be it Tim Cook or Narendra Modi.

Having a past marketing career or background is helpful in getting new jobs as well. But if you are up to date with the latest Digital Marketing world, its a bonus. So, if you are an efficient, highly skilled digital marketer who can develop and organize enriched and outstanding campaigns, then get ready to make money my friend!! You are on the right track.

#2 It is a multidisciplinary field

  • Field of digital marketing encompasses multifarious jobs such as Analytics, Content writers, Search managers, online advertising, affiliate marketing, Web manager, Mobile Marketing and development, Social media managers, Ecommerce managers and directors and so on and so forth.
  • You will not be much surprised to notice the fact that the entire above mentioned job categories are interconnected to each other, if any branch or department stops working, the whole network gets blocked. Hence if any vacancies appear, in that case you can easily, apply for the high authority posts.
  • #3 It aids you to become an entrepreneur

There are numerous startups outside in the market that can develop a brilliant product within a couple of months but how would that generate profit if you aren’t able to develop an effective marketing strategy for the same? Here, comes the Guru mantra- Scaling the business becomes a smooth task if you are good at marketing.

Isn’t it seem fascinating to develop a strong hold on social media, increase your followers on any social media site like Twitter or Facebook, begin with your original content writing and developing a blog and deal with the online conversations with others? Well, that is possible too..!!

Digital marketing won’t only provide you with an astonishing range of job opportunities but also opens the doors for you to become an entrepreneur and start something of your own. Being a prior digital marketer, you will gain a better understanding of customer’s demands, the fitness of the products and you will perceive the needs of the dynamic necessities of the customers in a superior way.

#4 Despite being challenging, it is an invigorating career

Only the determined and persevere people can handle this job. It may happen that you begin with something new enthusiastically but it fails initially. So you need to have patience and definitely, over a period of time, you would be able to figure out the things and scale up your project whatever it may be. Each one of us wants to conquer the time. So, one of the major advantages of being an internet user is that unless you establish something and come up with something that the audience can see, it hardly matters what was your starting point or where did you begin from?

#4 It is important to choose your interest area

Digital marketing is an umbrella term which comprises of plentiful roles for you which demands different skills and dispositions. So, you need to be careful in choosing your forte and work on it. If you have a knack for forex trading, it would make sense to create a forex site, but if you like something as simple as cooking gluten free meals then do everyone a favour by create an awesome cooking website, specific to this micro-niche.

Sometimes it can be related to your current profession. My Friend who is a mechanic at decided to go online and sell portable jump starters for cars and his business is doing very well. This is a very creative and amazing idea which i love and hope more people convert their existing profession into an online business.

But doesn’t it seem exhilarating to choose out of such a large number of options?

#6 Get higher remuneration as compared to others

With the uprising trend of digital marketing in the economic world, it is very apt to say that a highly skilled professional who is in great demand can negotiate on salary himself/ herself.

A recent research (2014) has reported that digital salaries have ascended past 5 years at a huge rate. Hence, one doesn’t have to worry about his/her pay while working as a digital marketer; all you need is skills and potential to bring forth novel strategies for uplifting the status of your organization or website or department.

#7 The field is ever changing.

If you seek variations in your career, then digital marketing is the thing for you, my friend! A marketer can always pursue new channels and tools to grow the sales of a product. Every day, there are new aspects to explore and naïve challenges to tackle. You have to remain updated regarding all the recent happenings in the world and bring about modifications in your plans and strategies further.


Digital marketing is the future of our world and we, as the generation of 21st century, should become more aware and learn about our interests cautiously without making a career choice.

Thereby, we can conclude that with the digital revolution in the business world, the digital marketing as a career will gain an increased acceptance and those who desire to pursue this as a career option should go for it.