You are putting all your hard work into building your dream website. You have chosen the best designs and development. You are investing big in its marketing. But do you know it all can go waste if your website does not load quickly and provide your audience a better experience?

Yes! It is true that speed is one major thing that can kill your website performance if you don’t optimize it properly. Think about it yourself. How long can you wait for a site to load before you move to the next one? We guess, hardly 2 to 3 seconds. You always want to access a fast loading website. Exactly, the same thing your audience demands from you when they visit your website..

Website speed becomes more crucial because of the fact that Google (The No. 1 search engine in the World) includes website loading speed in its algorithms. It means the faster your website, the higher your ranking will be in search engine results.

If you are running a WordPress website don’t miss this post. In this post, we will be making you familiar with some amazing WordPress plugins installing which you can boost up your website speed to a great extent.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is an advanced cache plugin that helps in improving the performance and user-experience of a WP site. It is one of the most trusted and recommended WPO frameworks by major web developers. Even some leading businesses such as Mashable and AT&T also trust this plugin.

The plugin is known to reduce download times through its advanced features like content delivery network integration. Apart from this, the plugin can also be used to remove render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, which is one of the major causes of slow speed in WordPress websites.

If your WP site causes speed issue because of this error, post on how to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content in WordPress can prove useful for you. Let’s take a look at some other benefits of installing this plugin.


  • It can boost at least 10X improvement in your overall site performance.
  • It can help in search engine ranking and conversions.
  • The plugin helps in optimizing progressive render.
  • You will notice up to 80% bandwidth savings.

However, it has one downside, its advanced features make it little complicated for first-time users.

2. WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify is a renowned WP plugin that is used to speed up page load time. Indeed the plugin combines and compresses JavaScript and CSS files and decrease the website loading time.

At present, the plugin has more than 20,000 active installations which have been continuously increasing.

WP Super Minify is quite user-friendly you just need to follow 3 steps to install it.

  1. Download plugin
  2. Upload it to the directory
  3. Activate it via the plugin menu

Once you have activated this plugin, you will notice the source of your inline JavaScript, CSS, and HTML has compressed. This size would be quite smaller than before. After installing this plugin, you will definitely experience at least 2 to 4% improvement in your page speed.

3. WP Faster Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a perfect solution for slow rendering issue. It makes a static HTML file so that multiple users can access the same static page rather having the page upload frequently.

If we look at its features, we see it can delete cache logs, minify CSS and HTML, combine JS and CSS. Apart from this, the plugin also provides option to Database clean up.

So if your website is generating millions of views, you should not hesitate to install this plugin. Its reliability can be judged by its 4 millions downloads and its 5 star review. However, to relish its advanced features, you will need to subscribe to its premium plan.

4. WP Smush

Undoubtedly, images and videos are a crucial part of your website strategy. After all, eye-pleasing images bring life to your site. Even they help in search engine ranking results and can decrease bounce rate as well. But do you know, images can cause slow website loading?

If your website has a lot of images you must consider using WP Smush to reduce image sizes on your WordPress site. The plugin helps you optimize, resize and compress all your images without compromising on quality. It lets you set ideal width and height for large images. It advanced functionality carefully scans every image you upload on your site. And if any big-sized image is already uploaded to your site, it cuts all its avoidable data and scales it before adding to the media library.

WP is an award-winning plugin has been tested No. 1 for speed. That’s why it is having more than 1 million active installations.

– It supports all the image formats such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc.
– It can work with other media library plugins as well.
– It is capable to compress any images in any directory.
– It can help you remove unused colors from images.
– The plugin can compress huge number of images at a time.

5. BJ Lazy Load

As soon as a user access your website in a browser, all the content available on your page start loading automatically, no matter how much content is there. Suppose, if your web page is huge, it has images and videos, naturally it is going to load slower. Don’t worry, BJ Lazy Load plugin is a perfect solution for such websites.

This amazing WP plugin can bring a big improvement in your website performance. As its name suggests, the plugins can help your WordPress site load quick and save your bandwidth limit.

Indeed, BJ Lazy Load plugin replaces all media content with a placeholder and loads them after when a user scroll downs the page.

Moreover, using this plugin you can enhance the loading speed of embedded video from YouTube as it works with iframes as well.

Wrapping Up

All of the above-mentioned WordPress plugins have been designed to increase your website speed. You may install any of the above that best fulfills your requirements.