A UX design is preferably more rewarding than a traditional graphic design. With the rapid evolution of technology, organizations are giving importance to UX design as it persists to transform the design industry. There is a significant difference between working on the exterior of the design and providing actual user experience. The good part is being a graphic designer you do not need to face any difficulty mastering the art of creating a UX design, as the approaches involved are not so different. You only need to be aware of some viable UX tips that will help you create an amazing user experience.

There are always going to be businesses which don’t require a fancy design. Websites like Bubilgi┬ácan easily get away with a simple design. But this should not demotivate you. You can always showcase ur skills with designs as simple as the above site.

Here I am going to shed light on 5 valuable UX tips that graphic designers must take into consideration if they want to boost user experience.

Pursue User-Focused Design

A designer with graphic background usually enjoys creating a pixel-perfect design while ensuring the spacing between texts and font colors perfectly matches with the brand guidelines, which often takes huge time and efforts of a graphic designer. Nevertheless, this is not how things mainly work in case of UX design. The prime focus of UX designers is to create a user-focused design while confirming usability, which is a cornerstone of user experience and ensuring that you do not focus mainly on visual designs. Rather pay keen attention on solving the problem or satisfying the users need by the product or service.

Design for Information

The key discovery here is to realize that a great UX design does not primarily link with pixels, colors or typography. However, these aspects are on first priority when creating a logo design. To design a user-friendly website or app it is essential that you make for your users easier to find and understand the content. You need to ensure that you use the language that users easily comprehend and organize the menu locally. Remember that people are mainly looking for organized yet informative content that best meets their needs rather than beautiful flat designs.

A Good Design is not only useful for the online world. But your excellent informative graphic designs could be useful in many real word applications to. For Example, FutureOn is a company which uses a cutting edge approach to digitizing oil and gas or renewable energy production processes. FutureOn uses 3D visualization for its digital solutions and products. How Cool is that?

Take Iterative Problem Solving Approach

Creating a UX design involves rigorously identifying the problem through researching in-depth about user preferences because the end goal is to create a product that entirely satisfies the user. It is more likely to be an iterative problem solving process where it is highly crucial for you being a graphic designer to work out on those problems for which users are mainly concerned. If you keep focusing on superficial design elements that users do not care about then all your efforts will go in vain.

Switch from Specialized Discipline to Multi-Disciplinary

A certain level of artistry is necessary to create great visuals for instance, typography, space, shape, color and theory when it comes to the specialized discipline of graphic design. However, UX design employs the multi-disciplinary approach that requires designers to constantly learn and explore about human psychology, user research techniques, information architecture, interaction design and other disciplines if you want to personalize the user experience.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

To create a top-notch UX design, you need to step away from working in isolation and actively involve yourself in collaboration with people that include users, team members and stakeholders. Whether you are working for a startup or for a large cooperation it is required for a graphic designer to have strong communication and collaboration skills to work intimately with people who are directly or indirectly involved in creating a product. That is how you can provide the best possible user experience.

The Take Away

Most in-demand designers today not only focus on just creating products that seems good rather they strive to create amazing experiences. It is pivotal to remember that learning UX design is an incredible opportunity for a graphic designer if they want to expand their skillset. However, if you already possess prowess and experience pertaining to graphic design then you are one-step ahead of the curve as you can leverage from these skills in your journey towards optimized user experience.