If you love travelling and wish to share your travel knowledge through your own website, then you have come to the right place. People these days are really deep into travelling to some amazing places. And in that case, if they get help through some beautiful and meaningful travel sites, then nothing is better than that.

Even though every theme in this universe can be used for building any kind of website, but building an adventure website is not just related to content. The website should look appealing enough to capture the interest of your viewer. They should also resonate with the feeling of travel and adventure. And so, here in this article, we will be sharing such top 5 themes, that will give the best presentation for your content.

These themes are a complete package in themselves. From smooth photo galleries, beautiful fonts and colors, to easy navigation and incredible viewing experience, these themes have all. And above that, you can also use many customized travel related plug-ins to make your website much more appealing. So, here are the top 5 WordPress themes and plugins that you can use for your adventure website.

Adventure Lite

This theme is a home in itself. Adventure Lite can serve you so many purposes that you don’t feel the need to look at any other theme. This gracious WordPress theme can be used for building fun and adventurous sports, travel photography, tours and travel, and many other things.

Not just adventure, if you wish to change your mind and start any other industry blog, you can use Adventure Lite for that as well. There are multiple layouts, numerous font and color options, various widgets and a lot more. Also, it is very easy to navigate through this website when you are building it.


Plum is one of the most beautiful WordPress themes, that is suitable for your adventure travel blog or website. The design of this theme is highly attractive, backed by the popularity of its free and paid versions.

If you wish to experiment with the site once and are not willing to shed much money, go for the free version. You will find various custom widgets and layout options for your website. This theme is easy to understand and customize.

This is a very beautiful theme. It will look stunning on your sports-related website like Surfing. If you have a website like Surf Nation which sells surfing equipments, then this theme may be a good idea for you as it also supports WooCommerce.

Reservation System

Reservation System is not a website theme, rather a plugin for your website. This is one of the most preferred plugins to plan group trekking together. It is used to enable the booking function in your themes. Your visitors come to your website and if you have any travel related booking to offer, this plugin comes in handy. Using this plugin, you can create booking calendars and can also manage the bookings.


WooCommerce is another popular plugin used for various websites. This plugin is used when you have to sell something on your site. WooCommerce is the most widely used plugin by a majority of e-commerce websites.

A Good Example of a Digital Store running WooCommerce is N1 Outdoors which is a Hunting/Fishing related business, which also sells related apparel. You can find many such websites in your niche if you look for them.

Hence, if you are planning to sell Adventure Equipment, Travel Apparel, and various other sorts, then this is definitely your go-to plugin. Using this you can also sell any digital goods that you have in mind, not just physical products.


This is another great plugin when it comes to developing Social connection through your website. BuddyPress helps you to build a community of Adventurers, Trekkers, etc. online. The visitors to the website can create their own profiles and then connect to each other to have private conversations or share various stuff.

This is best used when you have to build a social networking website for your own company, school, etc. The employees or students can then interact in groups or individually with one another.

If you are planning to start a new adventure website, then you may wish to consider working on your website SEO to help your business rank faster in google.