No matter how much Google is against Link building, it is the primary source of ranking. Google wants you to not build any backlinks for your site, and all the links should come naturally. But think? Why would any website link to an absolutely new website, which no one knows about? To get noticed, you need backlinks and nobody would link to you if you are not noticeable. This is a big paradox and it leads to a the process of link building, which also involes commercial link building where people sell and purchase links. And the best backlinks vendor can guarantee you that this is a tried-and-tested strategy that can guarantee a website to rank higher.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks simple mean a link. It can be a link from one website to itself, or one website to another. The former is called, Internal link and the latter is called external link. While both of them are important, our focus is going to be on external links only. Because they are the primary reason to improve the traffic. These are also the most difficult backlinks to acquire which is why people choose to buy quality backlinks for their websites. However, there are plenty of free sources to build genuine and natural links to your site, and I am going to cover the 3 most popular ones today.


4 Easy Methods to Get Free backlinks

Free Directory Sites

If you want to make inbound links then having your blog backlinked in a directory is a great idea. Internet directories like, for example, have an incredibly deep category & subcategory system. In short, you can get really specific about where you want to create your blog backlink.

Rank & ‘Website Analysis’ Websites

There are plenty of websites like Alexa, Site Evaluators, Worth Calculators, etc that would analyse your website for different metrics. But during this process, a specific page about your website gets created, which links back to you. This would become a backlink for you. Search for such sites on google, and you will discover there are plenty of them.

Social Bookmarking

There are plenty of social sites and forums where you can participate in discussions related to your website niche, and get backlinks while citing your articles. Two popular social sites are Reddit and Quora. You can find many more in your niche.

Blog Commenting

Leaving genuine comments on High Authority blogs, is of extreme importance to get notices. While you leave a valuable comments, you are certain to get a lot of eyes to your comment and website. This might also improve your website traffic if its done correctly.