WordPress is getting more popular day by day and more people are choosing it to create a website for their business. From the dawn of WordPress, it has been primarily considered a blogging platform. But, with the advent of time, there has been a tremendous surge in the popularity of WordPress and it has become something much more than just a Blogging platform. Now, even the most complex of sites are possible using the platform. Today, we will take a look at the different forms of Websites that can be created using WordPress.

A Blog/Magazine website

As I stated earlier, WordPress was originally a blogging platform. Till this day, it serves as the best platform for creating a blog. The possibilities are literally endless. Some of the most successful blogs on Internet today are based on WordPress.

A Business website

With more and more people having access to Internet, it has become imperative for a business to have a strong online presence. WordPress has been a revolutionary tool in this regard. Without any large investments, WordPress can create a professional and informative website granting the business an online identity. You can have a business website even if you work in a very small area, for example if you provide repair services then you could create a website about it. People are using Google to search for things like AC Repair near me, and having a website could bring you more customers.

A Job Board or Online Directory website

Instead of sifting through the classified section of the newspapers, one can just log in an online job board and find the job suitable for him/her. WordPress can be used to create powerful online portals and forums that can act as Employment Websites aiding both the employers and employees. And Online directory is a vast idea, you can have generic directories of niche-specific directories. Real Estate is a hot niche these days, so you could create a directory to Buy & sell homes, where realtors could list their properties.

E-Commerce website

This is perhaps the most important feature of WordPress. Imagine the pre-WordPress era, when even creating a website was considered an achievement, let alone being able to sell something there. Now, it has become possible to sell almost anything online even for the most novice of Internet Users with the help of WordPress. Plugins such as WooCommerce and Shopify provide an excellent platform with a multitude of features to create your own online store.

And if you do not wish to use a plugin, you can even create your customized eCommerce store with WordPress. Business ideas for creating an eCommerce store are endless. You can sell something as simple as USB flash drives or as advanced as customizable touchscreen software.

Portfolio or Photography Website

Earlier, we talked about how it has become a priority for businesses to have an online presence. Well, not just businesses, it has become vital for any profession. Professions such as Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design and many more demand a strong online presence and having your own portfolio website becomes crucial. WordPress gives these professions an opportunity to have an online presence without having to worry about coding their own websites and help them focus on what’s important!

NonProfit or Religious Website

Internet has also become a very handy medium for NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations to spread the word. More often than not, these organisations aim at low budget solutions due to financial constrains and WordPress provides the perfect platform to create their online footprint.

News & Reviews website

Many News Websites utilise WordPress to post the latest news and happenings around the world. As I said earlier, WordPress is primarily a blogging platform. It makes it very easy to maintain a News website. With all the advanced plugins available, many features such as ticker, polls and much more can be added very easily. And in some cases, you can write reviews without using a plugin. For example, this Indian Website writes articles like best phone under 30000 and other similar articles comparing gadgets or their prices. And without having to mention the Giant News Sites like Verge, Variety, etc are already running on WordPress.

Health or Medicare website

Earlier whenever we felt sick or had any form of irregularity within our body, we used to go to the doctor but not anymore. All the information about the diseases and their symptoms are available online. Nowadays, even doctors provide online subscriptions to patients. Setting up such websites becomes very easy on WordPress due to the user-friendly nature of WordPress.

Fitness Website

Internet also acts a great source of information for exercise, muscle building and overall fitness of the human body. WordPress hosts a plethora of fitness websites across the Internet dedicated to helping people become physically fit. It is also possible to upload video tutorials to help to do the exercise correctly.

More websites

WordPress can be used to create several other types of sites like an auction website, restaurant website, podcasting website or a meme website. Since WordPress provides so many features and extensions, there is literally no limit to the things that can be done.