While we all love, music only few people have the skills to create good music. It has become an eternal part of our lives. We have music almost everywhere. A Simple movie is impactless if there isn’t the right background score to go with it. Similarly, marketing videos can leave a much bigger impact if they are created using really good music. But finding genuine music is not an easy thing to do. Most music out there is protected by copyrights, and you just can not use them without purchasing the appropriate rights. And trust me when I tell you how expensive these rights are.

It might seem like a sensible thing to create music yourself, but creating music is not an easy task. Apart from creative skills it also requires a lot of technical skills. There are so many softwares these days to create good music. The most popular being Apple’s own GarageBand.

How to Know if Music is free to use?

Whenever you are in doubt if you can use a music file or not, always assume that it is protected by copyright. Because if someone decides to sue your for illegal usage, you might have to pay upto 4000$ or a lot more depending upon the damages involved.

So unless explicitly stated, always assume the music is someone else’s copyright.

Music in YouTube Videos

Music used in YouTube video also falls under copyright. But YouTube has its own list of public domain music which you can use in the video. This option is available when you open the video editor after uploading the video. But if you are looking to download music from someone else’s video, which you know for sure is free from copyright then you can use a tool like youtube mp3 downloader and get on with your project.

Other sources to Legally Download Music

Here are some sources of free music which can be useful to your or your business.

  • Bensound.com
  • Purple-Planet.com
  • Hooksounds.com
  • FreePD.com
  • FreeMusicArchive.org