Instagramming today has become one of the most popular fashion trends among the youngsters. Be it their own images, or something interesting they do in their life, people want to let the world know. And what is better than Instagram to share your happiness?

With lots of features and possibilities, Instagram is continuously re-inventing itself. So all you need is, update yourself with these new and exciting features, and start exploring till you become comfortable with each of them. Below, we will let you know some amazing tips that will make your posts stand out and also get you numerous likes.

Tell a story

One way you can make your post interesting is by narrating a story through your images. You can either upload different images telling a story, or a video. Or, you can wait for few hours or days between 2 images of a story, for example, sharing episodes after every few days.

Each part of your story, if ends on a cliff-hanger, will definitely increase your viewer base with every new video. You can build the hype for this through your various friends and family accounts. Various people can give a shout-out to your story using a link.

Initially, you might not have an audience to run experiments on Instagram. So you could try to transfer social media account to a new one using SocialTradia so that you can experiment a bit.

Before and After slideshow

The “before and after” images are very common across all social media platforms. People love to flaunt various things through this trend, for example, the change in looks, or change in time, etc. And most of these images are clubbed into 1 image only, divided vertically from the centre.

But Instagram has offered you one of the major advantages of a slideshow. You can take use of this feature to make your before-after effect even more impressive. Using this feature, the person has to swipe the “Before” image in order to see the “After” image. And using this, you can also add multiple images (upto 10) for the “after” effect.

While all this is very easy to do, not everyone is capable of managing marketing or in general IT component of their business. So it might be a smart idea to outsource your work any company which provides IT services, and you can continue to focus on the core of your business.

Break images into a Giant Square

Another amazing way to make your image interesting, is to divide it into various small images. Use any software for image cut, like 9square or 9cut, or any of your choice, to split your image. And then upload each image individually.

When viewed alone, the image would not make much sense. But when the user visits your profile and sees all the images, he/she will notice the complete image there. This will definitely pique the interests of your followers.

To create these images, you can also use some cool templates available for Google Slides. Its a killer idea to have each powerpoint slide as an image in your Instagram post. You can do really cool stuff with it, if you are creative.

These are some of the amazing ways to make your posts interesting and increase your follower count. Keep trying new features and software to find out more such amazing ways on Instagram.