Majority of websites today cater to English speaking audience. No doubt English is the widely spoken language all over the world. But there are other regional languages as well which form majority of the audience.

So, it would be best in everybody’s interest if a business breaks language barriers and reach out to everybody in their targeted list. Moreover, when you need to reach an audience of another country, translating your site in their own language is the apt way.

It is a fairly untapped market. Very few websites today are made in more than 1 or 2 languages. For a country like India, where there are 22 recognized languages, there is a lot of opportunity for companies. Let’s look at some of the reasons, as to why should you translate your website into another language.

In Continents like Europe, it’s more important to connect with more than 1 regions. A good example of this would be who cater to multiple countries through 1 website.

Wider Reach

As discussed above, if you are trying to expand to another country, you need to cater to their regional language as well. Other than this, there are some businesses like Entertainment, in which people from regional background with not much of English knowledge are also interested.

So, once you make your site available to them in their own language, your traffic would increase manifold. Overall, you will be able to reach far more audience than you previously did. After all, more languages mean more customers.

Increased Revenue

AdSense today recognizes various other languages besides English. So if you have a site in another language, which is also bringing in a lot of traffic, the AdSense opportunities multiply. Who knows you might start getting double the revenue as before. You can even show personalized advertisements to that language groups. This will ensure you even more revenue.

Increased Credibility and Ranking

Google, as well as people, acknowledge you, if you have regional languages. Customers will even pay premium if they can know something in their own language, rather than something that is intended for foreign markets. Speaking to them in their native language builds their trust on you.

Trust is especially important with websites where a lot of money is involved. If you are playing poker online, you’d be more comfortable if the website is in your native language rather than a language you don’t fully understand.

Your credibility increases, and people will respect you even more. With this, the Google rankings will also increase. Not only your translated site is benefited, your normal English website also witnesses increase in its rankings.