Everybody today is aware of the social media importance for a business. While Facebook is a common platform that everybody uses, Instagram falls under the less utilized category. However, it forms a very crucial part of growth.

Instagram Stats

More than 800 Million users are active monthly on Instagram. And more than 500 million access it on a daily basis. And the biggest demographic group belongs to the males, falling between 18 – 24 years of age. And around 90% of all Instagram users falls under 35 years of age.

If we look at the companies that prefer carrying promotions on social media, this is exactly the demographics each company is looking for. Every promotion whether digital or live is carried out keeping this certain age group in mind.

In such a scenario, when Instagram is already offering you a platform to reach them, then why not take full use of it? Let’s see what makes this social media platform relevant for each big and small business.

How Instagram is Relevant?

When this platform was launched back in 2010, people could only share their images. After 8 years of its successful run, many new advancements have been introduced here. With Instagram bringing new algorithms after every few months, even the smaller businesses are getting opportunity to rise. Nowadays, more and more people are looking to buy followers and a get a head start in their business.

Earlier, the posts which used to have majority of likes and comments used to appear first in the feed. But with latest algorithm updates, new posts are also getting a chance. While Instagram still considers variables like no. of interactions, response rate, and duration of viewership, to rank the posts, the most significant factor now remains how recently anything was posted.

This algorithm update will bring a lot of benefits for companies, even for those who have recently joined this platform. It is still not saturated like Facebook is. So a user finds less ads compared to any other platform. And this makes a very beneficial point from everybody’s point of view. With less ads popping up, users will take full notice of them, and the company will have higher chance of conversion.

All these pointers are just an indication that Instagram has become very relevant for every marketer today. With the number of users increasing on Insta, a lot of conversions are coming in for every business.