There is no doubt in saying that SEO can be done only with good content. And similarly, content is good only when it is done keeping SEO in mind. Both of them always go hand-in-hand. In today’s digital world, where everybody wants their content to rank well, building a strong relationship between content and SEO becomes even more important.

Be it any big or small business, if you have not done your SEO well, you will not be able to rank well. While content is crucial, one should also know how to write it effectively. Just the mere presence of words will bring you no good. You need to have SEO enriched content for good growth and visibility.

5 Secrets for Good SEO

Being a writing expert at Custom Writings, Lauren Bradshaw has made a list of 5 most wonderful tips for effective content writing, that can easily be adapted by beginners. Go through these pointers before you start with your website or article:

#1 – Write about Your Readers, and not about Your Service. When you are just starting your website or blog, most of the people start focusing on their products or services. They totally ignore the fact that it is the audience that forms the crux of every business. No wonder this tip is the number 1 secret for a good SEO. You need to focus less on your products, and more on the benefit of your readers.

You need to understand your target audience and see what interests them. After all, if they will find something interesting to read, then only they are going to visit your website. Talk about their interests, answer some common queries of your readers, build relationship. Once you have a strong relationship, you will be able to put forth your products at high credibility.

#2- Captivating Headlines and Article Structure. Headline is the first thing a reader notices. If it is not catchy enough, they will just skip it, no matter how good your content was. But remember, in order to make your headline catchy, do not fall for the benefits of click bait. In longer run, they will cause you more damage than short term benefits.

Along with a catchy headline, your article also needs to be in proper structure. Writing long passages without headings make a dull appearance, and do not interest the readers. If your article will have a proper structure with headings and subheadings, it would be easy for people to navigate through your article. Such structure is also preferred by the search engines.

#3 – Focus on the Quality and Grammar. While focusing on keyword rich phrases is important for a good SEO article, focusing on grammar and the quality is also equally important. A good grammar article is easily and quickly picked up by the search engine.

For ensuring the quality and grammar, there are various tools available online. One, you can copy paste the article in various online software available. Or alternatively, you can install ‘Grammarly’ chrome extension that checks your article on the go and suggest you possible corrections.

#4 – Link Building and Social Media. Once you have your article ready and posted, start promoting the same. Use various social media platforms to increase your outreach. Along with social media, use various forums and connect with different users. These social media shares will increase your article’s credibility.

Other than these, promote natural link building as well. When you have good number of quality backlinks pointing to your article, your post ranks much quicker. Link back to your own articles, build infographics and videos, and so on. If any of your article is picked up by other sites, the inbound link will also increase credibility of the other articles.

#5 – Monitor your articles. Finally, do not ignore the article once you have written it. People often keep adding content, without bothering to have a look at the performance of previous. There are various softwares like Google Analytics, that help you in analysing how various articles on your site are performing. Based on that, you can then edit the articles that are underperforming.

Along with such analysis, you can also check the bounce back rate, see which of your ads are performing good, how users are behaving on your site, from where are the people landing on your site, and so on. You have variety of things to do with analytics. Get started with this instead of adding more and more content.


So far, people used to consider content as synonymous with SEO. But SEO is not all about words. The above tips and tricks will come handy when you are neck to neck with your competitors. They will also guide you in being relevant to your niche and give benefits to your readers.

Overall, these are some of the most effective tips, that will increase your outreach and help in expanding your business to more customers. A good SEO is the key to generate good traffic.