Today I am going to share with you something very interesting I stumbled upon. As you may not know, I am a big fan of reading and I always keep my eye out for cool stuff in the world of books. I was just searching from some book summaries and reviews, when I came across a a studio’s blog at These Guys started writing book summaries. Writing itself is good, but whats more important I think they do so in order to get search traffic.

I found some of industry known books already summarised by this studio. Some of them are:

  • Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull
  • Zero to one by Peter Thiel
  • Good to Create by Jim Collins

I was on the lookout for a famous book, which I have always heard about but never really read it. The Book is Never Eat Alone by my well known Keith Ferrazzi. I wanted to get an overview of the book, before actually buying it and that’s when I found this Never Eat Alone Summary and I was immediately impressed. They actually provide a FULL BOOK summary, so I am not sure I need to read the book itself. Is it even legal? Here it is if you are curious

As I said it appeared to me that the studio targets business owners with the book summaries. Its stated they do seo for commerce, so they probably know what they are doing. Be it otherwise, why would be doing it?

This led me to think about the topic of this post. Is content marketing via Book summaries will work for them?

Let’s dig into some details.

Idea Behind Giving Full Book Summaries

If you remember that we used to write book reports in our schools when we were kids. A book report is basically what we think about the book with a summary of its contents. But this is very different from what we used to do as kids.

Books summaries are in detailed description of the contents of the entire book.

Perfect for Busy People

Lots of passionate people who love reading books, often don’t have enough time to read it. These summaries help them stay up to date with what’s happening the world of books and novels by reading summaries.

It’s the Perfect Book Review

Summary can never really give you the feeling and excitement of reading an actual book, but this is true for a fiction literature, I guess.

For non-fiction as business books certainly are summaries can help you decide whether a book is worth reading or not. So one can say a book summary is kind of huge book review as well. It covers everything in-depth. The pros and cons of the story and writer’s writing style.

So people who are unable to decide whether they should read a book or not, often turn to these summaries so that they know if they will enjoy reading this book or not.

Review citations are also often picked up by media companies as official reviews for books. A well written book review and summary gets featured in lots of places which help promote the book as well as the reviewer.

However, as I said earlier I doubt I’d read those books after GRIN tech’s summaries – they seem to try to be an end point for a busy reader. Certainly entrepreneurs and executives they target on order to sell they services fall into this category.

Fun question for our readers – does world need SaaS with book summaries?

Anything in today’s world can be done for a commercial purpose. And that’s what we are interested in as marketers and entrepreneurs.

Book summaries do a lot more than just helping out the readers. They help the publishers as well. It becomes difficult for new authors and writers to make a name for themselves if people haven’t heard of them before.

A Regular Book reader prefers to read content from popular books or established authors. Because picking up a big novel means a commitment of time from the reader. And people don’t commit to new authors that easy.

Book summaries help new authors reach more audiences and promote themselves. Because reading a book summary from a new author is much easier than picking up the entire book without knowing much.

So that brings us to our second question. Does the world need a company who sells book summaries?

I think it does. Writing book summaries is an effective way of marketing and promoting content. So if you are planning to start your own business of selling book summaries, you should go for it.

Is it Legal to Post Full Summaries?

Yes it is.

Let me repeat again that a Book summary Is also a review. If you are into movies, then you must know that a good movie review also includes introduction to the entire plot of the movie.

Same is valid for Book summaries. A good book review would introduce you to the plot or summary of the book rather that just telling you if its good or bad.

But it does become illegal if the book summary reveals spoilers or similar content from the book without author’s permission. Because publicly revealing such type of content and damage the book sales and revenue. Doing so will also invite a lawsuit from the publishers.

Make sure if you write a Book review, its as good and concise as the book reviews by and you don’t hurt someone’s business in an unfair way.

What do you think?