If you are a teacher, you would have realized by now that physical teaching can only restrict you to a certain location. And so, it is the best solution for you if you start your own coaching website. Today, we will share with you some beneficial tips which will help you in setting up a good website for your growth and increased revenue. You can then either be an independent contributor to the website, or you can bring together a few teachers who can give online coaching.

Pricing Model and Subject Line

You need to be clear on what subjects you are going to teach. And also outline a proper subject line for your students. Along with that, clearly mention what are the pricing models for various courses available on your site. Avoiding ambiguousness is the first step to your successful run. So make sure all kinds of queries a student may have before joining your course, is clearly mentioned on your website beforehand only.

Forum for Students

There can be various doubts a student may have during online coaching. And it may not be possible for you to answer each and every query. So it is the most advisable step to create a forum for the students that will help them interact with each other and solve queries if they know the answer to it. Such an interaction will be very beneficial for you and your students. Along with that, you can also answer few of the queries whenever you get some time.

Online Practice Tests

We all practice at every moment in life. We even get Interview coaching before we go for a job interview. So we know how important tests can be before you face the real world or challenge. If you can add some online tests for students to practice, they will like that more. Adding some free tests which anybody can give will bring in more registrations for you if they like the level of tests. And you can make few tests private to registered users only. You can either add all the tests beforehand or frequently based on the topics you keep on covering. Such an approach gives confidence to students in what they have learnt so far.