In this age, when owning a website is not a difficult task at all, such questions do not make a lot of sense. Of course, having a website can be beneficial. But let me note down some points that will make your decision easier.

This article is oriented towards businesses directly or indirectly related to industries or industrial work process.

Less Demand shouldn’t discourage you

You need to understand that your customer is high paying so if you are a plastics machining company whose demand is very low in a specific area. Then this doesn’t mean, there is no point in having a website. If there are only 10 customers in your area, each and every one of them could bring you a million dollar contract. That’s a heavy return on investment on a website you spend few bucks.

Important for Reputation

Every established business these days has a website. Its important that you do too. A Website is not just for bringing in customers or converting leads. It can be used for your internal activities as well. Like uploading a holiday schedule for staff, providing a list of all services your company provides, show-off your portfolio, accreditions and all.

Provide Customer Support

A Customer feels at peace, when he knows that he can get in touch with you through your website any time. You can provide numerous customer support channels from your website, live-chat, forum, direct email, support tickets, etc. Check out the AOP Tech website for more examples.

To conclude, its safe to say that spending a few hundred dollars on setting up and managing your website won’t harm you in the short or long run at all. For all I know, it will add value to your business. So if you are still in doubt, go ahead and start your website.