Many times we wish to create a blog that has all the elements, ranging from text, to images and videos. While text and images blogs are extremely common, coming across video blogs is rare. But if you wish to add video elements to your WordPress site, then we know of just the right plugins that will help you. For Example, if you have a website about NFL and want to provide services which let users watch NFL online, then you desperately need a plugin to do so.

Even without the plugins, you can add the videos using the embed codes. But this is very time consuming and inefficient. If you want to fasten your pace as well as incorporate new advanced features such as lightboxes, then you will definitely need the plugins.

Below is the list of top 3 plugins that are just the best if you want to create a nice video blog of your own.

Envira Gallery

This plugin is rated as one of the best WordPress plugin for video capabilities. The Video Addon feature allows you to create your own gallery of videos from various sites like YouTube, as well as your own videos uploaded on WordPress. You can even open the videos in lightbox, and many more advanced features using Envira Gallery Plugin.


If you have your own Youtube channel and you wish to include those videos on your WordPress site, then YourChannel plugin is the best option for you. You just have to enter the name of your channel or your user ID, and this plugin will automatically fetch your videos for your site. Through this, you can also include your YouTube channel’s banner image, view counts, playlists, etc. easily.

WordPress Video Gallery

WordPress Video Gallery is one of the highly customizable YouTube gallery plugins. It has a built in HD .flv player, where you can watch videos in customized skins. The default feature of this plugin allows you to see how the sample videos will look in the gallery page. And once you are satisfied with it, you can then add your own videos.