If you own or work for a health website, you might have noticed how difficult it is to maintain it. Unlike other fields like entertainment, you cannot share your own views here in this niche. People will be attracted to you if you give them tried and tested solutions to their problems.

Just like maintaining personal health is difficult and tiresome, so is handling a health website. But still, in both cases, you have to do!

Promoting your health website is equally important as maintaining it. No matter how many good quality articles you post on your site regularly, the whole agenda here is to bring traffic. So let’s get started on that.

There are some amazing ways to promote like videos, visuals, and infographics, linking with your community, and so on, that will pump up your business and will make sure enough people visit your website. Now, we will discuss each of these ideas in detail.

Create your own Videos & Share them

Before going ahead with any step, make sure you have a very killer website that people will just love! Now coming to the videos point, self-curated images and videos are given high recognition in the eyes of search engines. So if you own a health website, there can be numerous kinds of videos you can make, for example,

  • Healthy food recipe
  • Group of exercises (either general, or for curing certain disease)
  • Right and wrong steps (for anything)
  • How-To videos

These are just a few tips on the kind of content you can create. Of course, there can be many more variety you can show off through your self-made videos. Embed these videos on your website for greater effect.

Now coming to the promotion part, you can make a short clip out of the whole video, and can share it on all the social media platforms you can think of. Instagram today holds a lot of potential for attracting new customers, so sharing videos there is definitely a shot.

Make Visuals & Infographics

Try to make such an image that people can’t ignore. As people have rightly said, an image speaks 1000 words! Make that true and create stunning infographics and visuals. Infographics are becoming highly viral these days. So either make by yourself, or hire someone who can do that for you. After that, share them with everybody on different platforms.

A Great Example of a Health Website is absolutedays.com which is a popular health website oriented towards women. They have made a great and engaging website with lots of visuals. They even have a due-date calculator on their homepage. Such components make people return back to your website, and something you must consider having on your own website too.

Build Links in your Community

When you are new, it is important to let people know what you offer and where they can reach you. So connect to various forums that deal in health niche and build links with people there. Solve queries that users have, and establish your trust. Once done, advertise about yourself and your work.