We will go the non-nerd way here. All of you might have heard of Podcast at some point in your lives, no matter if you know what they are or not. Here we will introduce you to their concept and what you can do with them.

Let’s start with What is a Podcast and Why are They Used?

A podcast is an audio file which you can listen from any device anywhere. It is usually an MP3 file, which can be on any topic in the world. All you need is functioning Internet. You can either listen to it online, or you can download it like a song and listen to it anytime you like. The choice is yours.

Basically, a Podcast is like a radio.

Various companies use podcasts to let users listen to something they want to share. They create audio programs, which a user can download and play anytime. You can think of it like a blog, but with the audio version.

Do people really prefer these?

Many young people do not really like the concept of Podcasts. They prefer watching a video rather than listening about a topic. And why not, videos are much entertaining and broadens your horizon. They prefer scrolling through the feed and going on with their interests.

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But then you might wonder why they exist if people don’t like? Who said people don’t like? This is best for tech geeks who are totally into specific interests. There exist general podcasts on things like Technology, Sports, Politics, and so on. And when podcasts become more specific, people start enjoying them.

It get’s fun when you enter specific ranges like “Things you don’t know”, “Things you should know”, “Makeup”, etc. Listening to enthusiasts feel wonderful when you start doing so.

How you can listen to them?

As we discussed earlier, you can either listen to the podcasts online, or you can download them and save them to listen later. Let’s explore both the possibilities.

  • Listen Online – You can find the podcasts on the websites who created them. Organizations upload them on their websites so that you can listen directly.
  • Download – There is a software called Podcatcher that collects and manages the podcasts that you want to listen. You can then download them to your own device and play later. If you have configured it once, it will automatically download the audios of podcasts that you have subscribed.