When you think of watching song videos or any other common video, I am sure the first thing that comes to your mind is YouTube. For sure it is. Over the years, it has established itself so strongly that no matter how many companies try to copy it, YouTube still remains the first choice.

But unfortunately, YouTube has started going downhill.


  • Guidelines getting revised every now and then
  • Non-availability of many kinds of TV shows
  • Accounts getting flagged or disabled, and some more.

Brands like Videos Engraçados has shifted to their own platforms to promote their funny videos collection online.

Despite so many problems, YouTube is the leading video sharing platform in the entire world. People resort to YouTube for their entertainment and fun. Most of the companies also make their profits through this channel.

If all this is going on, why are people still looking for YouTube alternatives?

The reasons can be from both company and user side. From Company point of view, they might want a platform where huge amount of guidelines is not an issue and any kind of video is allowed to upload. While from user point of view, he might be looking for videos that are not on YouTube, or any other personal reason.

And so, there are some alternative options available that provide relief to both. With the vast access of Internet to everybody, there are various competitors of YouTube, and many are also emerging on regular basis. Even though none of them have reached as close to YouTube, but still they offer amazing features that you can explore. Some of these are Daily Motion, Vimeo, Flickr, Vevo, 9GAG, and so on. Here we will discuss the best 3 out of these.

Daily Motion

After YouTube, this is the widely used video sharing platform. This is similar to YouTube in most cases, like recommendation based on viewing habits, top trending videos, appearance, option of ad placement to monetize your videos, and so on.

The only difference here is that Daily Motion caters to professional quality videos only, and not amateurs like YouTube allows. But this has less rules and guidelines, and video categories are similar to make it easy for you. In nut shell, if not YouTube, then it is Daily Motion.


This platform is not a direct competitor of YouTube, but it is definitely one of the greatest video sharing platforms. Its appearance is also entirely different from YouTube. This does not display trending videos like the other 2 platforms do. Rather, the vimeo staff watches each video and picks out the best quality content to present to its users.

There are less ads as well as less distraction when you are watching a video, which makes it one of the best features of this platform. And most importantly, this platform is suitable for showing short movies. So, if you are also one of the short film creators, then this is your go to platform.


While Vimeo was for short films, Vevo is for music videos. This platform will provide you with music videos much faster than YouTube. It is said that if you feel the need to take music therapy, then Vevo is your go to platform. With an endless supply of music, and nothing else, this is just the best.