If you have decided to make a travel website, then it’s a wonderful decision. Along with being monetary, it is also one of the interesting niche. So when you make a travel website, what do you think is the most important part? Indeed, reservations and bookings. This is the bottom line to your entire business.

Making a WordPress site will not be sufficient. The basic infrastructure of WordPress does not offer you the facility of bookings. Implementing all basic functionalities needed to run travel site successfully are important.

Why add bookings?

You can obviously create a website letting people know of beautiful and interesting places. But to monetize this field well, bookings become crucial. This functionality makes things easier for people and they don’t have to search multiple places for their needs.

If you want to create your own website like ADO Bus which offers bus bookings, you can start right now.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s implement these functionalities on your website. There are various plugins that do this task. The top 3 of them include WP Travel, Book Your Travel, and WooTour. Let’s see them one by one.

WP Travel

This is one of the widely used plugins by tour agencies and operators. This helps them manage their packages more efficiently and also increases sales. This is one of the easiest plugins to use, and is also scalable according to your needs. Some parameters:

  • Total active installations – 2000+
  • Ratings – 5*
  • Download the plugin from here

Book Your Travel

This is not a plugin, rather a theme but fully functional. This is the widely used theme by travel agencies. With this theme, the tourism niche has improved drastically. Not just travel agencies, anybody in the tourism industry can easily use this theme to its full advantage. There is a booking system, availability checker, review system, advanced search, and much more. Parameters:

  • Total active installations – 6000+
  • Ratings – 4.3*
  • Download the theme from here


This is another popular travel bookings plugin that is widely used. With this, you can easily manage your online booking system. The orders and payment of WooCommerce are efficiently handled. Parameters:

  • Total active installations – 600+
  • Ratings – 4.75*
  • Download the plugin from here