Since everything today is going digital, many people are also wishing to become bloggers and webmasters.

So what? Anything wrong in that?

Not at all!

It is great that people want to establish themselves in the world of Internet. But there are many powerful resources that many people are not much aware of. These resources are very basic and free to use, but have a lot of potential in providing success.

Some of these popular resources are Pixabay, PicMonkey, MailChimp, etc. If you have just started blogging or making a website of your own, there is a high possibility that you are not aware of any of these. If you already have the tools we have talked about, consider talking to CWR SEO for your SEO Requirements. Because a great website, becomes really great after it gets organic traffic.

And so, in this article, we will make you familiar with these basic resources that you must use for your website or blog. Have a look at each of them ahead.


When you create a blog or website of your own, it it incomplete without use of images. And many people use any image that is available on the internet. But beware! These images may bring you copyright notices. All the images are not readily available for use. So in that case what should you do?

Pixabay is one of the websites that provides very high quality images free of cost. You will find a lot of images here, and you can use them in anyway you want, either for personal use or for professional. And there are many more websites like Pixabay that offer you a wide variety of free images.


This is another useful tool for creating visual content for your blog. Using this online tool, you can create beautiful and appealing images and logos. You can also create Facebook covers for your social media page with great ease.

This is basically a graphic design software that will navigate you through image creation, if you are not much of a fan of Photoshop, or have not used that software before.


This is a great email provider that I use on a couple of my blogs. It is extremely reliable with some great features. And it is one of the most popular service among our readers.

MailChimp is best used when you have to take care of email marketing. Using this, you can manage your email database as well as marketing under one platform only. Besides this, you can manage your bounce rate, target audience, freely automate your marketing, and much more.