SEO is the most important parameter when it comes to the success of your website. While creating a website is very easy, it takes a lot of brain and efforts to handle the SEO part. Moreover, SEO is such a vast subject that it is not possible to take care of it in a single sitting.

So how should you approach it with your new website?

It is always better to hand over the responsibility of SEO to somebody else. Now, that can be another employee you hire or your partner, or you can give the charge to a good company that will do the SEO part for you. Its always recommended to find a good SEO Marketing Agency and hand them over your marketing operations.

It is not always easy to decide upon which company you should hand over your website’s responsibility. There is always a risk as to what kind of methods they would apply to make your site rank. And whether their methods will give you a good ranking for a lifetime, or only for a very short duration.

So before you finalize your company, go through the below checks in order to make sure that you are taking a right decision.

Check the ranking of the website

I am sure when you read the title, you must have thought about Google Ranking. And you are correct, we want you to check the overall ranking of the website in google. How well it performs for various keywords and queries. One of the good sources you can check this on is Ahrefs. Check various metrics of the website, its organic traffic, reviews and much more to decide how good a company is.

You can read reviews for the company on online forums, or other websites. But beware that competitors often add fake reviews just to hurt a business.

Observe the performance

Ask other people in your niche how good the company in question is performing. Observe the clientele of your chosen company and see if they have performed well after receiving service from that company. Established companies openly list their clientele in their portfolio.

Get in touch with their former clients and ask about their experience with the company.

Ask Questions for their strategy

If a company does not share their strategy with you, then it is highly likely for them to apply black hat techniques to rank you well. These will cause you a large damage in the long run. So always ask questions to your list of consultants and see what they have to offer, and do not ever prefer the shortcut method of ranking well in search engine.