Who doesn’t love shopping? Be it clothes, make-up, technology, electronics, etc., people are fond of purchasing something or the other online.

Even though everybody loves shopping, many people are conscious of their budgets. They are simply unable to spend enough, but still, wish to buy. So can an e-commerce website help such people?

Definitely Yes!

You can create an entire website to target people who look for cheaper products. For example, instead of selling genuine Luis Vuitton Handbags you could start a store for high-quality replica Louis Vuitton Purses which may be a good idea for a start.

There are various plugins available that attract such budget shoppers to your website. Majority of websites either ignore these aspects, or do not consider them important enough. Replica Products is a hot niche right now and whether its Louis Vuitton bags or something else, you can consider start this business too.

But budget shoppers form a major percentage of your market. If you will follow below techniques, you will definitely increase your traffic manifolds.

Coupons Creator

Nothing works better than discounts and coupons for budget shoppers. Using this plugin, you will be able to boost your sales through various coupons. This plugin allows you to create your own custom coupons by filling in the required details in custom meta box.

You can then promote the custom coupon wherever possible to attract people. You can also set an expiration date of the coupon using this plugin.



For an e-commerce website, email subscriber list is very important. Without it, you probably cannot even survive. You might think why? Through the emails you have the potential to drive repeat sales.

MailChimp is one of the popular plugins that help you maintain the subscriber database. You can then send your newsletters or discount information to all the emails through this plugin. In order to push people to subscribe to your website, you can give them offers like “Subscribe and get 30% off”. In other words, give incentives to people to subscribe to your website.

Social Offers and Coupons

Using this plugin, you can even offer variety of things to your budget shoppers for the desired social action you want them to take. For example, you can give them 5% discount for sharing the link on their Facebook profiles.

For the social actions, you can give them rewards like music, coupons, files, templates, etc. It is very easy to use and simple to customize. These instant coupons for simple actions like Tweet or Share can boost your sales multiple times.