Every kind of website exists in this digital world. But are all of them equally good?

You all know the answer. I believe that for making any kind of website, you need to be truly focused on building your audience. Even when the website is all about Top Lists.

Most of the people deal with niche segments when thinking of starting a website. Very few are the ones who go to the generic category, and make something amazing out of it. In other terms, they have that excellent mind to stand out even when talking about general things. One such category which few people love to explore is the Top Lists. For example, Top 10 Best loan companies in the world, or Top 10 Famous hairstyles of men.

Such a kind of website works amazingly well with the people. They love to read these lists based on what are their needs. So, if you are one of those people who is also looking for ideas to start such top lists website, we have just the right ideas for you.

Website Theme

Normally people do not worry much about the theme they chose. And mostly, the audience does not bother even.

BUT, when you are creating a website on such niche generic topic, you need to be cautious of your theme. Very classy or complex theme would not suit best. So what should you do?

Go with a very simple theme. Today, people are attracted the most on simple plain themes, instead of complex and colorful ones. They are easy to navigate and are clutter free. Advantage? On the one look itself, people get to know what they are dealing with.

Top 10 website ideas

Use Images

Yeah, of course, you do that with every website. What is so special here?

Well, for starters, you just don’t need a cover image for the articles on top lists. You need to use a lot of images in your post. For every pointer, you need to include some or the other relevant images. These will pique the interest of your audience more. And they would love to explore your website further.

You can, of course, try this strategy with your normal websites as well. No harm done! But for top lists, you need to be extra cautious for this step.

Personal Insights


Try to give personal thoughts or insights of reviews of the items in your top list. That is definitely not a necessity. But since you are looking for ideas to attract more audience to your such website, this will be a very beneficial step. For all items, if you include your personal reviews, people would be able to connect with you more.

And isn’t that the whole agenda of a website? To connect to the people?

Add reviews wherever possible. You can also ask people to review the items, which will attract more people to your website.