Premium things come for a premium price. Especially when it comes to technology, you always get what you pay for. Being the web’s most sought-after self-hosting platform, it’s no news that Managed WordPress hosting is growing to be the ‘next-best-thing’ in the hosting landscape, with rich features and better usability. But the question that most marketers continue to ask is whether these additional benefits are at all worth the extra cost.

Even if the increase in price on a managed WordPress hosting plan is just marginal compared to the standard shared hosting (like in the case of e.g. 1&1 Ionos), are there any real advantages of sticking with the former?

Is the Extra Cost Justified?

The equation is simple- if you can work around with limited features, don’t need the flexibility offered by a web host, then offers you a free blog without any setup service which can help you test the waters and start putting our content out. But, if you are looking for better features and make your website look premium to your visitors, or manage your website load, then the managed WordPress version is the way to go.

Improved Speed

Needless to say, the success of a website today is in its page load speed. That two seconds of your loading time decides if your site visitor will stay or abandon your page. A managed WordPress hosting service assures you of an optimized site configuration which boosts up your loading and response time.

Better Security

The biggest worry factor of website owners is the security of their website. While the free blogs do offer basic security features, it might not be enough as your business continues to grow. However, the WordPress hosting being the normal paid version also allows you to run regular scans for malware and viruses. And Managed WordPress hosting being the premium version, runs a regular scan round the clock and has dedicated personnel to tackle these external security threats. You also get the benefit of advanced security tools like SiteLock safeguarding your site from unwanted access and attack.

Extended Support

Not everyone can be expected to be technically sound to be able to support an entire website end-to-end. And that’s why you need an expert to answer your questions and queries. Managed WP hosting lets you interact with a team of technical experts, round-the-clock.

Installation of Automatic Updates

A worldwide team of developers is constantly working to bring you the best output with WordPress through regular updates. When you are running a website, you must keep updating it for the optimum performance, security, better features etc. This can be a daunting task when you have to do it yourself. But with managed hosting, you can sit back and avail the automatic updates that are run by the back-end teams. Most managed WP hosting providers offer automatic installation of updates relieving you of this task.

Most managed WP hosting providers offer automatic installation of updates relieving you of this task.

To Conclude…

The market keeps swarming with WP hosting services and plans across all price ranges. Even if you are convinced by now to opt for a managed WordPress version, and are all set to spend that few extra bucks, you still need to look for a good WordPress Hosting provider to support you through. From fine-tuning the dashboard to automatic backup, caching, and so on, you want to cover all bases for your website. After all, it’s your most valuable asset and you want it to be in the best hands.