Are you getting good traffic to your insurance site but are unable to convert that traffic into customers?

Seems like there is a problem from your end. There can be just so many reasons why you are unable to convert your leads, or why you have a low conversion rate.

  • Your website is not professional
  • The rates you are offering are too high
  • There are many false statements here and there
  • People are unable to contact you, etc.

No matter what your conversion rate is, at the moment. Be it the life insurance, health insurance, online fleet insurance, or any other kind, the online market works the same way for all. So, there is no harm in trying new strategies that are free of cost. Who knows you might witness a good jump, right?

Here are some easy strategies that you can implement.

Offer best rates

What is the main motive of people visiting insurance websites?

Many people land on these sites to check the rates that the different companies have to offer. So it would be in your favor only if you can offer them the best rates possible for you. This will not only attract more customers, but also convert the ones already visiting your website.

Checkout this website which targets seniors with their burial insurance packages. This type of targetting with good rates is often very effective.

Be Honest

There is no scope of false information on the insurance websites. If there are any ups or downs, convey that to your customers honestly. People appreciate honesty, and that will also build the trust of people in you. And if the trust increases, the footfall and sale also increases.

Easy Contact Forms

You need to take details of the visitors to convert them into your customers. So, you must have a contact form on your website. But converting the customers would not be possible if you have a clumsy or lengthy contact process.

So make sure that you provide contact forms and ask contact details in a very accessible way. It should not be a tough or lengthy task for people to fill out the details. Also, it should be easy for them to contact you. So, either give them the office contact details, or any other way which can establish a direct connection immediately.