Most of the businesses rely on social media for their success. Now whether it is a big business, or just in the initial phase, nobody can survive much if they don’t have social media support as well. And for that, having a good number of followers become utmost necessary.

Now making a social media account is very easy. Posting pictures and videos is also fine. So what is the problem?

The problem lies in having the social media following. Een though that does not guarantee a successful business, but still people look at this parameter to measure their success. In this article, we will talk about the top few tips which you can implement, in order to get more followers to your social media account.

Engage More and Be Active

This is the number 1 tip you will find most of the people tell you about. And there must be some truth in this statement if all are telling you. This is essential if you want people to follow you and if you want to become more popular.

You can either post your own images or feeds, or re-share nice posts by someone else. Doing random things often will make people notice you more. And if your feed is nice and engaging, they will also start following you. Along with posting new feeds, you should also comment on other people’s posts and demonstrate that you are active on the media.

Post Variety

One great way to attract more customers is if you can offer them different sorts of interesting data. Post your own opinions, some trends, achievements, images, jokes, etc. to bring variety to your feed. This is the best way you can attract any follower.

Let’s take an example of Data. You can post data that is either in favor of or against the beliefs of people. Such kind of posts will automatically¬†attract most of the people to either argue or agree with you. And if you keep doing these things on regular basis, people would love to follow you. Plus this may spread positive word of mouth among the social media users.

Use of Hashtags

I am sure all of you know how they work. And Hashtags are also an excellent way through which you can attract people. Twitter and Instagram are the 2 most popular platforms where these hashtags are valued the best. And if you know how to use them in the right manner, you will gain many new followers.

But do remember, don’t use hashtags with your eyes closed. Search on the platform if the hashtag is really relevant to your post and how many people are using it. Use a mix of popular and non popular hashtags to reach a wider audience.