If you wish to increase the selling process on your website, then you must make it easy for customers to pay.

The checkout page is the final stop for any e-commerce website. And it also the most crucial step. This page makes the visitors to your website become your final customers. And so, make this page easy to use and trustable for them, in order to convert them.

These days a large number of payment systems have emerged. These include Chip Cards, Samsung Pay, digital invoices, and so on. Most of the websites use it, while many still lack in it. But including all of them is not at all necessary. There are a few of the payment methods that are important for every kind of such website. Let’s look at which are these methods.

Wallet Money

Mobile Wallets or wallet money have become very common when it comes to paying for any kind of product or service. And these days, there are various kinds of wallets that are emerging. Some of them include

  • Paytm
  • Mobikwik
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Wallet
  • Chirpify, and so on.

Adding all kinds of wallets is not at all necessary. Moreover, these wallets vary from country to country. So before going ahead and making wallet service available, check out what all wallets are widely used in your country. Then only take measures to add those services.

People often look for services like cash for cars in Melbourne or other cities. They often get paid in wallets. It would be great if your website accepts wallet money, where the user can spend it.

Cash On Delivery

This is again a very important payment method that e-commerce websites should have. Though adding this method sounds obvious, but many companies or websites do not have this option on their sites.

Most of the people in some countries like India, prefer to shop on the COD method only. Why? There are many websites that take payment from the customers but fail to deliver them the goods, or are frauds. So having a lot of trust issues, COD becomes their only reliable option.

Credit/Debit Cards

A good payment system would be the one that accepts credit and debit cards from all major banks in the country. If you are dealing with the international customers, add all the major banks throughout the world in your list.

Along with adding this option, you also need to worry about the security of payment gateway. Most of the gateways are unreliable and will cause problems for both you and the customer. Take note of all the gateways available for your bank transactions and based on the pros and cons of each, pick the best for your customers.

In the end, giving a trustworthy, quick and reliable payment system is all the customers want. And that is all you need to move your business up the ladder.