Everybody is starting an e-commerce website these days.

And why not, there is such a huge potential in this sector. So even you can start one of such websites on your own.

But what should you sell? There are plenty of established players already in the market that sell generic products, such as amazon. So if you are thinking of competing with them, then my personal opinion is that it is a very bad idea. If you will think before diving in, and pick up a good niche for yourself, then you will be in for an advantage.

But how should you decide on the niche? What niche would be better for you?

You should be knowledgeable about it

Pick a niche for which you have a good knowledge. That would benefit you a lot in terms that you would know what you are selling and how will that be advantageous to the people. Some of the popular examples for such niche are:

  • Fitness capsules
  • Promotional counter displays
  • Maternity products, and so on.

One of the websites which is a very good player for promotional counter displays is bsdisplays.com. It has really carved out a great niche, simply because they were familiar with such content to a great depth. You can also take a look at pcb assembly services provided by Zaponchina.com and the products they sell.

Such a knowledge would be great since you can also write promotional content on the topic and attract visitors through your content. This would also help build trust in the hearts of people since they will find you much more knowledgeable on the products you are selling.

Revenue Potential

In addition to the knowledge, you should also see which products have high revenue potential. There is no use selling the products which no one is looking for. So, better do a proper research on what is in demand, whether there are major websites already dealing in it, and whether you possess some knowledge on it. Make sure that the product you have decided to sell will give you a major revenue stream in near future.

Growth Potential

There are certain goods which might not be popular at this instant, such as electronic cars. But you know they will be hugely in demand in near future. So if you are deciding on such goods which less people search for, make sure they have huge growth potential in the future. That would make you an old and existing player in the market when the demand of the products begin to rise.

And you all know, old is gold! The older your website will be, the more trust people will have on you.