Who all are aware of all the marketing tactics a company can apply?

If you are, then you must be knowing what Wild Posting is. But if you are still in the learning phase, then this is one of the most helpful articles for you to learn something new.

This is one of the most effective and economical form of Guerrilla marketing, where businesses attract large number of audience by promoting their products or services in a budgeted unconventional way. In this technique of wild postings, the marketers place static posters in a large number of locations, where people can easily notice them.

Usually they are placed in dense areas, generally in the cities, to attract the attention of maximum people. In this way, you attract your target audience when they are busy taking care of their daily lives.

Any specific format or location?

There is no specifications when it comes to wild posting. You can put up flyers or posters of any size, anywhere in the city. These can be posted on any kind of structure, even in high traffic areas. The main aim is to attract attention, no matter which way you do.

Even though you can post anywhere, usually there is a rent for putting up. Every major market has an opportunity for this. But the owners take rent for using their properties. The construction sites, or hoardings are rented out by the owners to businesses who wish to put up their flyer or posting.


Apart from the obvious benefit of attracting maximum eyes, wild posting also adds color to the otherwise dull landscape. Anywhere you look, instead of seeing the old worn out buildings, you will notice colorful posters which might be of great interest to you.

The businesses use this benefit to their advantage, when they have to attract people to their event or product, specially when they are situated in that area itself. So, if you deal with such products or services where people can be attracted through these techniques, then don’t wait more. Get started with your own wild posting campaign now.