Why Choose Mac over PC 

Many people like Mac devices. From their beauty to efficiency and uniqueness, Mac computers have brought a whole new dimension to the world of beauty and technology. Even though we still have PCs in the market, many people prefer Mc devices. They are the darling to many people. Mac computers are products of Apple. It is worth noting that Apple together with Microsoft under the able leadership of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates respectively were at the forefront of commuter technology. From the revolutionary Apple II to Macintosh, Apple has truly given the computer world a new angle. We can investigate why Mac computers are better than PCs.

Outstanding experience

The operating system of Mac is such exciting. It cannot be compared to that of PC. The user interaction is one of the most fundamental issues in the world of computers. Mac has all this. Whereas Windows has some exciting features too, they cannot be compared to those of Mac. It does not give the user an experience that he or she can get form Mac devices. OS X EI Captain is very stable, refined and user-friendly that makes user like to spend tie using it. The sensitivity of the touchpad and how the mouse is effective puts Mac far ahead of any PC in the world

Seamless integration

The Continuity has enhanced the connection between the various Apple devices in the new operating systems. You start an email in your iPhone and continue it on your Mac device. You do not require to save your work anywhere be it in the cloud or anywhere else. Is this not amazing? That is not all. You can start searching for anything on the internet on your Mac and complete the search on iPhone. You cannot find this exciting fester in your PC. The wonderful integration is a striking feature of Mac devices which gives it that unique selling point.

A variety of many PCS

This sounds to be an advantage of PC. That is not correct. I will tell you why. While PCs have many manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo among other Players, Mac is only manufactured by Apple. As such, we have a lesser number of Mac devices such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook. The variety of PC makers makes it hard for all these computers to have users in their minds. They lack vision on what they want their clients to enjoy. Apple is in a position to focus its attention towards improving the user experience when designing its Mac devices.


No technology firm beats Apple when it comes to security. It is very hard to have unauthorized access to any Mac device and interfere with the information. When accessing the internet, Mac devices are less prone to attacks as compared to other PCs. Nowadays, many people are using computers to store their vital information and data. Mac has stepped in to improve the security of this data. You cannot compare having a Mac device with any other PC.

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