ECommerce industry is growing at a very rapid rate since the last few years. With the busy schedules these days, and convenience, people are preferring online shopping over traditional brick and mortar shops. So, there are high profits in this field of online shopping.

Having an e-commerce website has benefitted the players excessively. Those businesses who were earlier just limited to brick and mortar shops, witnessed a huge jump in their sales by switching to online platform. What benefits did they get from this?

  • The reach and visibility increased
  • Huge variety for customers
  • With increased reach, the sales increased.

Now, when you know there are so many advantages, how are you going to make your own ecommerce platform successful? The success lies on how much reach you can get for your website. And this reach is governed by how efficiently you promote your website. According to the best web design company in Egypt, building a successful ecommerce platform is an year long thing, and not something which will happen overnight.

So now, let’s come to the main elephant in the room, how are you going to promote your own ecommerce platform.

SEO Techniques

SEO is the most efficient strategy for any online business to succeed. These strategies, if done in the right way, will give you long lasting results. You will notice improvement in your organic reach if the SEO of your website and articles is done right. For this, there are many strategies, like link building, guest posting, good quality content, and so on.

Another popular way to succeed here is by including the keyword or parts of keyword in the domain name itself. For example, if a person is looking for candles in Australia, one of the results that he will see is that of, just because there is Australia in the domain name, and the website deals in candles in Australia.

Social Media Marketing

SEO and SMM are the 2 vehicles of digital marketing bicycle. Without 1, the digital marketing is not very effective. And hence, if SEO is important, so is social media marketing. This strategy includes promoting your content on as many social media channels as possible.

Social Media Marketing is extremely useful for specific niche websites like, where targetting people based on their likes is important.

And by promotion, we do not mean simply making your profile and keep on posting the same kind of stuff. You need to monitor what are the correct times to publish a post, include variety in your posts, and so on. The whole idea is to attract as many followers as possible.