The relationship established between a customer and a brand is what we call customer experience.  It is based on several factors such as comparison, the customer’s past experience and the value of the money being spent. The competitive market is constantly getting tougher, which leads companies to revamp the way they serve the consumers. Providing discounts, coupons and affordable packages are some of the ways companies try to strengthen the relationship with their clients.

The way a company treats its customers reflects strongly on their brand. It is important to deliver the quality of service your brand promised because it sets the consumer’s mind to either purchase from you or somewhere else. When your customers are happy and satisfied they are more likely to be loyal customers, and you give them a chance to recommend your brand to other people through word of mouth.

So what happens if you provide an exemplary customer experience and how does it contribute to the success of your business?

You stand out amidst the competition

It is hard to think of a business where you won’t have any existing competitors in the market. The industry is full of demands and many companies are trying various techniques in order to thrive. Sometimes, despite giving the best deals and service you can offer, the fact that you have a lot of competitors is what makes it difficult to be on top, especially if you are a startup.

More likely than not, other stores are already offering the same services you have, so how can you make your business unique and outstanding? – By providing the best customer experience possible. Remember that it is not always about what you sell; it’s about how you convince the person to buy it. Through proper sales talk, customers form an image of the item and consider why they need it, even if they initially do not have the plan to buy it.

It creates loyal customers
A good shopping experience is what impresses customers. When they feel that they are being valued and given proper assistance, they are most likely to become regulars. A satisfied customer won’t easily trade a good shopping experience just because another store offers bigger deals – they consider a lot more things than just being able to save money. The more positive feedback you get from your loyal customers, the stronger your brand reputation becomes.

You may encounter issues once in a while, but as long as you respond with politeness and make them feel that you are working on your shortcomings because you cannot afford to lose them, you are making them feel valued. These types of customers are most likely to stick around. Try to look at it this way: consumers do not just come to your store to buy something; they are looking for warm assistance in making choices. A loyal customer is that person who, upon entering the store, offers a smile and greets almost everyone, simply because shopping there gives them a feeling like being at home.

Customers do not mind paying more

In this generation where the cost of everything is constantly skyrocketing, thinking that customers are no longer willing to pay more is the wrong notion. It is not about just following the current trend, it also about making their experience amazing enough that they have grown to love your service and wouldn’t mind to pay more just to continue experiencing the same convenience.

Based on customer experience surveys, a whopping 86% of consumers are willing to spend more money just to acquire an outstanding accommodation from their preferred stores. If you are wondering as to what extent, studies even suggested that customers spend as much as 12% more for a service or product, granting that it comes with exceptional customer care. This is simply one of the strongest benefits that a good customer experience offers. It is a lot easier to upsell when your customer has put their trust in you.

It is a good way to advertise without exerting much effort

Various companies spend a bunch of budget advertising their products or services through traditional TV commercials, newspapers, fliers and promos. But if there is one type of advertising that doesn’t require a budget, that is word-of-mouth recommendations.

Loyal customers have the ability to create buzz, especially when they can’t help but tell people about how good their experience is. They tell their family, closest friends, and even post about it on social media platforms. This has always been an effective way to create a following and is considered more reliable than paid advertisements that sometimes misinform people about the real description of the product.

Say, for example, you are looking for a sunscreen lotion that is safe for your skin. Rather than relying on inaccurate advertisements, you are more likely to listen to a friend’s recommendation – probably because she has the same skin type and vouched that a certain product worked well for her skin problems. Building a good relationship with your customers does not only guarantee their loyalty, you are also able to meet people that may turn into regular customers in no time.

Your employees undergo a constant learning process
We experience different kinds of customers every so often, and for every customer, we learn about how different their needs can be. The more you try to recognize and adhere to their demands, the more they see how committed you are in what you do. This includes teaching them how to use a product, giving them the best options to choose from, explaining how a certain product can make their lives easier, and so on.

When a customer feels that he or she is able to directly acquire useful information from you, they feel valued and taken care of. Nevertheless, being able to do all this requires excellent product knowledge and a naturally friendly nature. An employee learns that whatever works best for his regular customers won’t always work the same for others – they have to use a different approach for each customer, and every day, they learn more and become better at what they do. An outstanding employee should be proactive; someone who sees how a customer would like to be assisted by putting themselves into their shoes.

Customer experience has always been a crucial part of any business’ journey. Companies set protocols and metrics that employees have to follow on a daily basis. It is not every day that people get to experience sunshine in the workplace, negative circumstances may occur at the most unexpected time, and the real challenge comes with how the staff handles the situation without losing that customer.

The key is to always find out what causes this situation in order to come up with an appropriate solution. It will allow you to win them back, or at least be prepared enough when the same circumstance happens again. The most important thing is to make them feel that complaints are actually being heard. If you ever make some changes to the products or services you offer, make sure you inform your customers so they won’t have a hard time adjusting to these changes. This will allow them to feel that their opinion actually matters.

Good customer service is not merely about knowing the ins and outs of your products, it can be delivered in the form of a friendly conversation. For example, seeing a familiar face (a regular customer, in this case) and asking if they had been on a vacation since you hadn’t seen them for quite some time, followed by a friendly question on how their vacation went.

It is always harmless to ask non-personal questions that can make their mood better. You can spontaneously approach them and ask if they need assistance without them having to ask. It shows that an employee is alert and proactive.  A customer tends to feel more comfortable around an employee who seems to be really paying attention to the things they might need. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to offer them a big smile if you happen to pass by!

Technology is always here to make the service better, but it is your employees’ personality that will lead to a better customer experience. Reminding them of the promos or coupons that they are entitled to also adds up to their satisfaction. This has a direct, positive impact on your brand’s reputation. It’s not every time that a customer has something positive to say about you, but you can always try to change their minds. Most customers are willing to give it another try, and when this happens, make sure you acknowledge what when wrong. A good apology is not delivered through words, but through the good service you give, to compensate for the unpleasant thing that has occurred.

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