During the mid 2017, the cryptocurrency wave hit badly throughout the world. All of a sudden, it started rising in popularity, bringing along many more people. And bitcoin was one of the first crytocurrencies that was based on the concept of blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies are the currencies that allow coins transfer between different individuals on the decentralized peer to peer network. With this, there is no need for any outside party to become a mediator in the coins transfer.

These currencies, be it bitcoin or chainlink, should be made a digital option in almost every transaction possibilities. Digital currencies should now become common, and start being used for the purpose they were invented. And that is, to facilitate the transfer of different kinds of goods and services. It also has the potential to bring in more customers, when you open up different varieties of payment options on your website.

In this article, we will talk about 3 of the best payment gateways that are used for any kind of cryptocurrency, the most popular being bitcoin.


This payment gateways provides for integrations like plugin for merchant shopping cart, invoice builder, APIs, point of sale and much more. It also integrates mobile apps in order to allow various merchants to accept payments in more than 400 cryptocurrencies. This payment gateways is also ideal for those websites which is expecting payment in different altcoins but the proceeds are to be converted into a single currency only.


This provides a debit card to the cryptocurrency holders. This acts just like any other debit card, where you can withdraw money from ATM, pay for goods and services online, and much more. It has plenty of more features which you can explore and make yourself familiar with.


This payment processor provides various tools, customer support and integrations to help merchants with the cryptocurrencies. So far, it only processes bitcoins, litecoins, or dodgecoins. But the company is planning to integrate more altcoins in the near future.